For our teacher week special, we’ve interviewed several professors from different countries about their experiences of home exchange.

Lionel, a law professor in Nancy and novelist, tell us her story.

Can you please introduce your self with a few words?

Hello, my name is Lionel. I am a law professor and novelist. I’m married and a father of two girls aged 7 and 12. We live in Nancy, but exchange our secondary apartment in Sainte Maxime in the South of France.

When did you start participating in home exchange? How did you get the idea?

I’ve been doing home exchange for about 7 years now.

Do you think people in the education profession are more likely to participate in home exchange? If yes, why?

Indeed, people in the education profession are more likely to use home exchange thanks to our many simultaneous holidays.

Would you have more confidence if you exchanged with a teacher? If yes, why?

No, I would not have more confidence if I exchanged with a teacher. I trust in other profession as well.

How many exchanges have you done and where?

For the past 7 years, we have achieved more than twenty exchanges, both in France (Paris, Southern Alps…) and abroad (the Canary Islands, Italy, Spain, Las Vegas, England and Dubaï).

How did you find out about HomeExchange?

We used 3 or 4 exchange sites for travel to these various places. We found HomeExchange through a Google Search.

When you started exchanging homes, did you have any initial concerns?

Not really, we think it’s less risky than renting.

Have you ever done a home exchange without using a website?

We often made home exchange offline

Have you ever met people with whom you exchanged with?

It all depends on the specific exchange, but we sometimes met people with whom we exchanged houses with, simultaneously or not.

Do you have to own the property in order to exchange?

No, it’s not mandatory to own for home exchange.

What is your best memory from a home exchange?

Our best memory was our exchange in Dubaï. We enjoyed a huge villa with a swimming pool, fourposter beds, a bathroom in each room, a pool table, a maid and so on.

When is your next exchange?

In a week, a couple from Guadeloupe will come to our residence in Sainte Maxime. Then, we will go to their home in February to enjoy the weather and their beautiful island.

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