For this week, we are focusing our attention on home exchange between teachers!

We interviewed several professors from different countries and asked them about their home exchange experience. Cristina is a Spanish teacher and Sergi is an English teacher. They let us know what they think about home exchange…


How long have you participated in home exchange?

The first time we did a home exchange, it was a non-reciprocal exchange. We did it in August 2014. We thought about doing it for quite some time and talked to our friends that have done a home exchange before (although they did not use HomeExchange) and told us about their very good experiences.

Do you know other teachers that practice home exchange?

We know of some teachers that practice home exchange in Valencia, but we do not know them personally.

Do you think home exchange is a good way to share teaching experiences?

Yes, of course. It is always very interesting to learn about the education in other countries and compare and contrast the different teaching methods that are applied in schools and institutions of other countries.

Would you be more confident if you did a home exchange with another teacher? If yes, why?

Not necessarily. In all cases, it’s an opportunity to share our different educational experiences, but nothing more.

How many exchanges have you done and where?

We were in Paris for a non-reciprocal exchange for 8 days. This was our first time

How did you find out about HomeExchange?

Cristina discovered HomeExchange by doing an Internet search for home exchange.

When you decided to do home exchange, did you have any initial concerns?

Our first impression was very good and we are happy to repeat the experience next summer. It will likely be in a place with wide open spaces, nature, sea …

Have you ever met the people you exchanged with?

No, we didn’t get to meet our hosts in Paris, but there will be more opportunities in the future.

What is your best memory from an exchange?

Phew, we had so many good times on this trip, it’s hard to choose. The sensation of traveling for the first time as a family and sharing moments, as we expected, probably was the most important to us and we are excited to do another exchange.

When is your next exchange?

Next summer, but we haven’t decided on the location yet.

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