This week, HomeExchange is focusing on home exchange between teachers!

We interviewed several professors from different countries on their home exchange experiences. Angel, a university professor in Spain tells us his story…


How long have you participated in home exchange?

We participate in home exchange mostly during the summer, as this is the time of year the whole family is available for a long vacation. We heard about home exchange from our friends and neighbor. Their experiences were very good.

Do you think professors are more likely to use home exchange? Why or why not?

I think there are several factors to consider. The school holidays temporarily coincide with professional holidays and it lasts more than a month each time. Moreover, in the world of education, there is a predisposition to discover new ways to travel. This, together with knowledge of other languages makes it easier for us to travel.

Do you know other teachers that practice home exchange?

Yes, we know other professors that have done home exchanges and their experiences have been very good.

Do you think home exchange is a good way to share teaching experiences?

It can go both ways, it depends on your personal level of knowledge on the subject.

Would you be more confident if you did a home exchange with another teacher? If yes, why?

I don’t think we would have more confidence if we traded with a teacher or another professional. If we had a proposal from a teacher, I would feel closer on many aspects, but it is not necessarily a key factor for me.

How many exchanges have you done and where?

We were invited to Veyrier Lake near Annecy and Paris. I also hosted three French families in my home.

How did you find out about HomeExchange?

By chance when we were looking for sites with home exchange on the Internet. I chose this site because of the exchange system with GuestPoints.

Have you ever met the people you exchanged with?

Yes, in Paris we met our host when we arrived. We also met a member at Annecy in Almeria to exchange our keys.

What is your best memory from an exchange?

There are many, it’s hard to pick one in particular.

When is your next exchange?

We’re not sure yet, several factors come into play. We might go back to Italy, but also would like to go to the United States.

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