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Many of you on GuestToGuest joined the group Gourmets, which is the reason why we dedicated the article of the week to the discover of flavors from different places!


Our journey begins with the American continent, precisely in Latin America, where we have selected three typical (and atypical!) dishes from different countries and cultures:

The Nacatamales from Nicaragua

nacatamal-nicaraguaThe Nacatamales, a dish full of colors, full of flavors
This is a dish made by Tamales, corn flour cooked in its leaves, inside which we add meat, onions, small peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, rice, local spices … a real feast of flavors at any time of the day. These ingredients are also the basis of similar dishes in Latin America, so there are several variations of this recipe in every country.

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The Moqueca in Brazil

The moqueca, a fish dish typical on the coast of Brazil!The moqueca, a delicious fish stew
Feijoada is not the only famous dish in the country of samba! The moqueca is a dish of fish marinated in a clay pot that you will find anywhere near the coast of Brazil, but especially in the region of Bahia. This dish, usually served with a portion of rice, shows the Afro-Brazilian mixtures of the region, thanks to its very fragrant seasoning made from coconut milk, coriander, cumin and lemon.

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The conch salad in the Bahamas

salade-de-conques-bahamasDeliciously refreshing, the conch salad!
Some freshness! This salad made with this marine mollusk found in warm currents is the ideal meal for the hot weather and will give you all the benefits of the sea! The conch is also known for its therapeutic properties and for its different types, the most popular in the Bahamas is the queen conch. The mollusk can also be enjoyed coated in breadcrumbs and baked, for those who do not like it raw.

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Now that we have whet your appetite, let’s go to North America ! Stop the clichè on fast food and discover the typical dishes of the continent :

The Clam chowder in the United States

The clam chowder is a typical american dishClam chowder of Boston, a very popular dish
If you are not tired of crustaceans, enjoy this creamy clam chowder, or in its original pronunciation, “New England Clam Chowder.” This dish is from the northeast of United States and it is especially popular in the city of Boston. The dish consists primarily of American clams, potatoes, cream and milk and it may be presented in hollowed round loaves. That’s how to make your mouth water!

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The poutine from Québec

The poutine, a very popular dish in QuébecThe poutine, a rich and convivial dish from Québec
Appreciated and served throughout the state of Quebec in Canada, poutine is a generous dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh shredded cheddar and gravy, like the juice of meat for example. This dish also comes with variations that include meat or vegetables. Poutine is very popular in Quebec and you can enjoy it as a snack on any corner of the street.

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The turkey in mole poblano in Mexico

The turkey in mole poblano is a Mexican specialtyTurkey in mole poblano, a mixture of flavors surprisingly delicious
A surprising combination of flavors! The mole poblano is a Mexican hot sauce made from different peppers, nuts and spices but especially chocolate! The latter can be in the form of bitter cocoa or melted chocolate a little bit sweet. It is traditionally served with turkey but can also be cooked with pork, beef or chicken.

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