We meet for the third and final part of our culinary journey across the continents.

As promised we will begin this journey from Africa:

The tomato bredie from South Africa

The tomato bredie, a typical dish from South AfricaStew prepared with meat and tomatoes, a delight from South Africa!
Known as “tomato bredie” this dish is a tasty specialty from Cape Town. South Africa is known for its premium meats, hence the reason why meat is the main ingredient of most of the traditional recipes from South Africa. In this dish, selected meat, often lamb, must have very little fat and more bone in order to be coated in flour before cooking. The meat is also accompanied by tomatoes, potatoes, bay leaves and Worcestershire sauce.

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The pastilla dal Morocco

The pastilla from Morocco makes you want to travel!The pastilla, a convivial moroccan dish
The pastilla is a pie surprisingly sweet and sour originally from Andalusia; its recipe is widespread in North Africa and in particular in Morocco. It ‘a dough similar to puff pastry, called Ouarka, stuffed with poultry, such as chicken, pigeon or guinea fowl and with onions, hard boiled eggs, herbs, almonds and cinnamon. As a final touch, the pastilla is sprinkled with a layer of powdered sugar.

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The romazava from Madagascar

The romazava, a traditional malagasy dishThe romazava, a delicious island dish full of “brèdes”
Like a good pot-au-feu, the romazava is a meat stew with garlic, tomatoes and ginger, and mainly “Bredes,” a term that designate edible vegetables, which are boiled in the mixture. This is a very spicy dish, especially for the presence of chili peppers and rougail, a very delicate Malagasy preparation!

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And finally, the last stop of our taste bud world tour, where our gourmets will discover or rediscover specialties from Europe!

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (cut meat zurich style) from Switzerland

The zürcher geschnetzeltes , a tradional dish from SwizterlandThe sophisticated zürcher geschnetzeltes
Originally from Zurich, this recipe is a classic. The “cut meat Zurich style” is prepared with veal, mushrooms, onions and white wine and served with a creamy sauce. It may be served with fries or crispy potato cakes. This dish is included in the menu of many restaurants in Zurich and is very popular internationally!

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The saltibarsciai from Lithuania

The saltibarsciai is a typical dish from LithuaniaThe saltibarsciai, a delicious cold beet soup from Lithuania
Easy to prepare, low in calories and good for the health, the saltibarsciai is a cold soup popular in Lithuania. It’s made ​​with beets, hence beautiful color, sour cream, small pieces of cucumber, dill and boiled eggs. The saltibarsciai is usually served with French fries or crunchy potato cakes. This refreshing dish is great summer.

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The renstek with cranberry sauce from Sweden

The renstek  is a northern specialty,especially in SwedenThe renstek, a tender and juicy meat
A great classic of the Swedish cuisine! The renstek is a reindeer roast. The reindeer meat indeed is considered very lean and tender and it’s garnished with the famous cranberry sauce. For those who simply love to enjoy the “game”, reindeer steaks can be easily found in any supermarket in Sweden. Cranberries are known to be used as garnish for the meat, and are also found in the form of jelly or jam.

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In this way, we conclude our taste bud world tour, a delicious way to discover new destinations through their culinary specialties. Now it’s up to you to find the house of your dreams for your next vacation by subscribing or logging in HomeExchange!

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Bon Appétit!