Did our first trip to America whet your appetite? You will not be disappointed with our next tastings!

The Gourmets this week are visiting the asian continent for you to discover new original dishes:

The Som Tam from Thailand

som-tum-thailandeThe Som Tam: a green papaya salad loved by the thais!
Usually served with a bowl of sticky rice, this salad of shredded green papaya is known to be highly digestible. Its sauce made with fish, pepper, sugar and lemon juice brings both a touch of freshness and lovely spiciness: an authentic dish meant for food lovers!

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The Shakshouka from Israel

shakshooka-israelThe Shakshouka a tasty dish easy to make
Typical Israeli dish also found in Tunisia, the shakshouka is prepared mixing tomatoes, onions, peppers and various spices like cumin, chili peppers and paprika. Embellished with a poached egg, it makes it the ideal dish for breakfast or lunch. Easy to prepare, it will delight all palates!

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The Gimbap from Korea

Enough with sushi, try the south korean gimbap!The gimbap, to nourish yourself after the holidays!
And no, these are not Japanese makis! It is indeed gimbap, a very popular dish in Korea. These are rolls of rice wrapped in dried seaweed, but the difference lies in the ingredients they contain. They are seasoned with sesame oil and they are not prepared with raw fish but with cooked fish and shellfish, as well as many other meats such as ham, sausage or crab. Furthermore, the sauce that goes with it, the gimchi, very different from the traditional soy sauce in japanese recipe.

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Now we leave Asia for a close continent: Oceania! Many of the traditional dishes are made with fish and shellfish but you can also find other meats, often generously sprinkled with coconut milk.

The Bougna from New Caledonia

La bougna, a traditional dish from KanakThe surprising bougna from New Caledonia
This is one of the Kanak traditional recipes of the island. Traditional and contemporary both in ingredients (coconut milk, yams, sweet potatoes, taro, poingo bananas) and in the preparation, the contents are wrapped in banana leave and then cooked in a ground oven which uses hot stones. The meat used varies, the leaves can be filled with chicken, arboreal pigeon, fish, or even with bats!

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The pie floater from Australia

floater-pie-australieThe pie floater, a crispy island in a sea of pea soup
This dish amazing combination consists of pea soup topped with a small pie stuffed with meat. It is usually served with a tomato sauce or ketchup, or with a mint sauce. The origin of the pie floater is subject to several versions, but it is believed that its inventor was an English sailor of the nineteenth century!

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The kokoda from the Fiji

The kokoda from Fiji, a proof of good food!The kokoda, taste the freshness!
In Fiji, fish and seafood are considered excellent. In terms of traditional cuisine, we find that the coconut milk is present in the vast majority of dishes. No exception for kokoda, a dish made with raw or marinated fish, very often walu, which has been previously cleaned with lemon juice. An explosion of freshess for all the seafood lovers!

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Do not miss our next trip to the African continent and the European continent! Tasty and sometimes unexpected dishes will surprise you and delight your eyes and your palates!

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