Do you love HomeExchange? And do you love posting your content on Instagram? Then we’ve got the ultimate challenge for you… (and if you’re not on Instagram, don’t worry - we’ve got another competition for you, coming up later this month!)

Take part in our Instagram challenge… and win a prize!

This summer (or winter for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!) we’re encouraging our members to showcase their HomeExchange experiences on Instagram - and in return, you could be in with a chance to win a great prize.

Simply create a post, tag us, and send us an invitation to be a collaborator. We’ll pick up to 2 collaborations every day which will appear on the official HomeExchange account - and these lucky winners will receive 200 GuestPoints each! The top 3 posts with the most number of likes will then receive a fantastic selection of HomeExchange goodies.

Important: you'll need your account to be 'public' to collaborate with us, as we won't be able to collaborate with anyone whose account is private.

Check our Instagram for inspo!
HomeExchange Instagram Challenge - group of friends taking a selfie
Take part in our Instagram challenge to win some great prizes!

Why are we doing this?

Because we want to show the world just how amazing our travel-loving community is! Instagram perfectly sums up the fun world of home exchanging, so we want to showcase our members’ real stories.

We also know that many of our members have exchanges planned for July and August, so get your phone ready to start taking some pictures and footage, then create a post either before, during or after your exchange. And if you haven’t got an exchange planned in July or August, then feel free to create something else! This could be a lookback on a former exchange, an insight into your welcome gifts or even your top tips for finding the perfect exchange. The only limit to this competition is your imagination!

Collaborate with us!
HomeExchange Summer Instagram Challenge - mum and daughters on bikes
Share your HomeExchange adventures with us this summer

A quick overview of how to take part

  1. Make sure your "private account" settings are turned off.
  2. Post a classic photo, a carousel of photos or a reel that showcases your HomeExchange adventures. Please note that Stories aren’t eligible for this competition.
  3. Your post or reel could highlight your favorite memory, what you appreciate most about home exchanging, an anecdote, a funny story about an exchange… or whatever makes you happiest!
  4. Don’t forget to keep it simple - good lighting is important, and the less editing you do, the better.
  5. Write a caption explaining what you love about HomeExchange, and telling the story of what’s included in your post.
  6. Make sure you include the hashtags #homeexchange #homeexchangecom
  7. Add the HomeExchange Instagram account that you’d like to collaborate with.
  8. If your post is chosen as an official collaborator, your post will now appear on our official Instagram account!
  9. Each account chosen to collaborate with us will receive a maximum of 200 GP in total, regardless of how many posts they have shared.
  10. The top 3 posts with the most number of likes by September 3rd 2024 will receive some exclusive HomeExchange goodies.

Not sure how to 'collaborate' with us? Simply follow these steps...

HomeExchange summer Instagram Challenge - how to collaborate with us
  • Upload your photo, carousel or reel.
  • Click on ‘Tag people’.
  • Now tap your photo or reel to tag us.
  • Select the relevant Instagram account that you would like to collaborate with:
    @homeexchangecom for English
    @homeexchangeFR for French
    @homeexchange_ESP for Spanish
    @homeexchangeBR for Portuguese
    @homeexchangeNL for Dutch
    @homeexchange_ita for Italian
  • Once you have selected the relevant account, click on ‘Invite Collaborators’.
Post as often as you like

Need inspiration?

These fantastic videos and posts are a perfect example of the type of content that you could create!

HomeExchange Instagram challenge
Collaborate with us via Instagram!
HomeExchange Instagram challenge
Post a photo, a carousel of photos or a video reel.
Take a look at our Instagram

Other ideas that you could explore

  1. Create a carousel of photos of your favorite exchange. Use the caption to describe your top highlights. Please don’t forget that Instagram Stories aren’t eligible for this competition.
  2. Prepping your home in anticipation of your guests? Then share a post on the steps you’re taking to make your guests feel welcome.
  3. Has something unexpected made your vacation even more special? Whether you’ve fallen in love with your host’s cat, or the sunset over the garden has left you speechless, transfer those feel-good vibes into a post.
  4. Has a guest to your home left you a little gift or a note that’s reminded you just how wonderful our community is? We’d love to see it.
  5. Those unexpected moments that were caught on camera - like being photobombed by an animal or catching your kids getting up to mischief - make fantastic posts!
  6. Have you got a brilliant HomeExchange memory that you’d like to share? A simple video of you retelling your short story could make the perfect content.
  7. Not going on an exchange this summer, but dreaming of your previous home swaps? Share your highlights with a photo carousel.
HomeExchange Instagram challenge - dad and child with laptop
Check the terms and conditions before you submit your collaboration!

Terms and conditions

  • Members whose entries were accepted as official ‘collaborator’ posts will be contacted via private message on Instagram so that we can transfer 200 GP to you.
  • The GPs will be uploaded by the HomeExchange team on a weekly basis. If your post has been selected and you have not received the GuestPoints by September 9th 2024, please contact us on (but be patient until then, as some of our team may be on holiday!). You can check your GuestPoints details here.
  • The top 3 entries (collaborated posts with the most number of likes) will be contacted on September 3rd to inform them that they have won. HomeExchange goodies will be delivered to you as soon as possible.
  • We will not accept collaboration requests from anyone promoting their sponsorship/referral code in their post. You can include your home listing ID, but sponsorship codes can only appear in your bio link.
  • If your video or photos show the inside of another member’s home, you must secure their permission before posting your content.
  • Please note that Stories aren’t eligible for this competition - only reels and posts.
Start collaborating!