For this week’s hump-day we bring you five of the “strangest” foods to be found in the US and Canada.

We put the word strange in quotation as some of you may classify them as your favorites and others may make great efforts to put them down. Regardless of how you feel, here is a little humor to add to these five foods the next time you dive in….or decide not to.


1. Poutine

When most people think of Canadian food, I guarantee you maple syrup and poutine come to mind. This melange of french fries, hot gravy and cheese curds hails from Québec and is cherished by (most) Canadians from all over the nation. If you’re able to make it through four bites without feeling your arteries clogging, congratulations you may now join the rest of its loyal fans.

ketchup potatoe chips

2. Ketchup Potato Chips

Non-traditionally flavored potato chips are definitely something unique to countries outside of the US. Canada is one of the few countries where you can find this cherished condiment in a bag of chips. If you live outside of Canada, don’t worry, we doubt you are missing much.


3. Twinkies

Many Americans and foreigners can both agree that this pre-packaged wonder is one of the strangest foods to be found in the US. Filled with a white synthetic cream enveloped in a yellow cake, twinkies can only be appreciated by very few people. If you ever find yourself at a gas station in the US, feel free to take a look and even touch…but just don’t buy it!


4. Ice Wine

Only known to Canada, Ice Wine is made from frozen wine grapes handpicked from the vine. According to one of Canada’s leading wine producers, one icy grape can provide a single drop of frozen juice. When all of the liquid is collected, it delivers a sweet desert wine bursting with flavor. Though we’re wondering if this isn’t just cold sangria…


5. Fried Chicken and Waffles

Though many Americans may find this combination to be strange and misplaced, this soul food dish will surely have you on cloud nine. Depending on where you go, this traditional dish can go from fast food to fine dining with a side of sweet maple syrup to being drizzled in fine truffle oil. No matter how strange you may find this combination, friend chicken and waffles is an absolute must!

If you’re feeling adventurous enough to try some of these foods, great! If not, that’s ok, we don’t blame you. In the mean time, we promise that there are many places to find delicious and nutritious foods in both countries. Create your own bizarre North American food adventure with GuestToGuest, where you stay for free.

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