As summer approaches, take advantage of the numerous vacation opportunities that HomeExchange can give you. Don’t wait any longer to start searching for a home swap, we have thousands of homes ready for you 🙂

Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect match for this summer:

  • Are you afraid that you won’t find a home swap in time for this summer ? Don’t hesitate to contact members who have already done a home swap in order to learn from their past experiences. It’s always better to contact very active members that have a high response rate, they’ll be happy to share their impressions and tips with you.

  • Do not forget to update your calendar for the months of June, July and August, so that all of our members can see when your home is available. You’ll only be contacted for the periods you’ve specified that your home is available for a swap. To update you calendar, click on “modify” in your listing and then click on “add a new availability period.”

  • For summer vacations, many homes are available. Don’t hesitate to contact your future host right now in order to increase your chances of staying at the home of your choice. Sometimes you are not the only one who wants to spend their vacation in a certain dream house in the Caribbean… 😉

  • Summer is also the perfect time to find a reciprocal exchange; no need for GuestPoints, and it’s a great opportunity to meet some nice people! If your vacations are great… why not exchange with the same family the next year.

  • Beaches, mountains, seaside, countryside… don’t stay focused on one precise idea or destination, there’s more than home exchange within major cities. We have members in 173 countries, why not try something new? Discover new regions in your country or abroad.

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Travel with HomeExchange

When you come home, don’t forget to share your adventures with us through our social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or by mail!

Have a nice trip!