Now that the fall season is almost in full swing, here are four Sharing Economy companies in the US to change the way you move, buy and work.


1. Motivate

Motivate is the North American leader in designing, deploying and managing bike sharing systems in cities across the US, Canada and Australia. With well known systems such as Hubway (Boston), CitiBike (New York City) and Divvy (Chicago), Motivate has enabled thousands of people to enjoy their cities in a new sustainable and enjoyable environment. With low cost rates, these bikes are convenient for the daily commuter to the out of towner. Looking for bike friendly cities in North America? Click here.

Car2go -logo

2. Car2Go

Car2Go differentiates itself from other car sharing companies by allowing their drivers to park and pickup cars wherever they’d like. With flexible prices and increased mobility, this company makes sure to remind their users of sustainable driving practices by showing them the environmental impact of their driving style. The company currently operates in cities across the US and Europe.


3. Igobono

**Igobono **is an online marketplace that allows its users to buy, sell and and donate goods using a virtual currency system called “bonos” instead of money. Use of “bonos” provides instant spending power to its users and encourages them to donate goods they might not have been motivated to give away. With a member presence in all 50 states, your possibilities to turn your unwated goods into treasure are endless!


4. WeWork

WeWork provides a collaborative and open working environment to anyone from remote workers to large start-up companies. With flexible and affordable rates as well as unique and modern environments, WeWork is able to inspire hundreds of people to provide their products in services in a more collaborative way. Currently available is cities across the US, you may find your ideal work package.

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