London is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, but with all the glamour comes the price tag

With attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Shard drawing in thousands of tourists by the hour and being as sought after as it is, London comes at a price.

Don’t believe us, Forbes recently ranked London as the 5th most expensive city in the world, behind the likes of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Not only is this particularly tough on Londoners themselves, but it also burdens travellers and families looking to visit the capital. It has become increasingly difficult to find reasonably-priced places to stay; hotels and rented accommodation anywhere in the city are fantastically expensive, God forbid you should want to stay within walking distance of the sights. And accommodation is only the half of it – travel, food and drinks will drain your remaining coins without so much as a ‘bon appetit’. Sadly, this has prevented some from exploring London to its fullest and taking advantage of what this unique city has to offer.

Finding ‘traditional’ holiday accommodation in London at an affordable price is almost impossible, which is why so many are turning to GuestToGuest. Our users are swapping over 270,000 homes in 187 countries worldwide. Where London’s concerned, that means tourists have a chance to rub shoulders with the Chelsea elites, live out the authentic hipster experience in Dalston, or get chummy with the royals near Buckingham Palace. London has never been so accessible!

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So that’s accommodation sorted. But there are more ways in which the sharing economy can minimise your vacation spending. Fat Lama is the London-based, fully-insured peer to peer rental platform, which allows you to both lend and borrow things from others nearby. So why is this particularly useful for holiday makers? Well, next time you want to go on a cycling trip around the capital, you needn’t settle for a bike which – despite being a few sizes too small – has the weight of three bikes together. Instead, you can rent a bike which suits your needs for the weekend and explore the city – up close and personal.

London by bikeLondon by bike

Airline restrictions make it difficult for you to pack everything you’ll need for a holiday without shedding yet more cash, too. With peer rental from local lenders though, you can borrow from Fat Lama users nearby where you’re staying. Fat Lama has your photography needs covered. For memories that will last for years, you can now ditch the camera phone and rent a camera instead – access to DSLR cameras and lenses for a few days won’t cost the earth and will leave you you with pictures you’ll cherish for life.

photographer-1245750_1920Capture London like a pro

With Fat Lama, there are endless money saving opportunities, and countless experiences yet to be explored. What’s more, all items that get listed on the platform are covered up to their full value under Fat Lama’s comprehensive insurance policy. In addition, sophisticated ID-verification on all users ensures security and peace of mind amongst the community.

Both GuesttoGuest and Fat Lama are examples of how the modern tourist can harness people-powered technology to change the way they stay. The emergence of the sharing economy is revolutionising travel. We’re learning the benefits of trusting the online stranger. The result? We unlock a host of new experiences, save money and meet like-minded people.

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