With HomeExchange, you have the opportunity to discover many different cities!

If you choose to do a home exchange, you can live the locals, immerse yourself in their culture and think outside the box. You’ll also enjoying so much more than typical tourist activities.

We therefore propose a guide for unusual activities in these four beautiful cities.

1. Paris: the glamour, the lights, the monuments … but that’s not it!

To discover Paris from a different angle, go underground and visit the catacombs! Then, cruise around Boulevard Hausmann in a 2CV, the most authentic French car! Finally, head to the only bar in the capital that’s full of cats. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the sights of Paris with treasure hunt game that will allow you to discover the mysteries of the capital.

promenade-en-2-cv-a-paris-guesttoguest22CV ride to Paris
Bar cats of Paris - HomeExchangeBar cats of Paris

2. The colorful of Rio

We now direct you to Rio de Janeiro where the original activities on the agenda are as follows: take a stroll through the botanical garden of Rio which houses 6500 species of plants and a breathtaking view. Get an even better view from the sky by paragliding over the Bay. When you come back down to earth, we suggest you go to the hippy market that’s full of color and originality! End your day on the famous Copacabana Beach and drink a Caipirinha under the sun!

dsc043111Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro
Market of Rio de Janeiro - HomeExchangeMarket of Rio de Janeiro

3. Return to the Europe in the country of Fish and Chips

Here are some ideas to spend a day in London in a unusual and authentic way. Participate in English traditions by attending the ceremony of the keys to protect the Queen’s jewelry! Then, immerse yourself in the mind of Sherlock Holmes by visiting his museum on Baker Street. After, direct yourself towards Hyde Park where the Speaker’s Corner will introduce you to the language of Shakespeare! Finally, escape to Soho where your life may be changed forever: it is said that if you find the 7 noses into the walls of the neighborhood you become infinitely rich!

sherlock-holmes-guesttoguest2Sherlock Holmes
One of the Seven noses of Soho in London - HomeExchangeOne of the Seven noses of Soho in London

4. The Big Apple will continue to surprise you…

Think outside the box by admiring the Skyline of New York from a cemetery in Queens. Then, go back in time to the prohibition period by getting a drink in a bar hidden. To get in, you have to go into the restaurant, then go into the restaurant, then go to the phone booth that will open and provide the entrance to the secret bar. Explore the banned New York metro station of New York metro station of NY City Hall which is closed to the general public. To get there, you have to take line 6 to the Brooklyn Bridge stop, then, stay on the train and the subway will leave and turn around at the City Hall stop; here, you will be able to view this forbidden gem. Finally, stay underground and go to the Grand Central. Downstairs near the Oyster Bar, you will find amazing acoustic properties that allows two people to whisper from opposite sides of room and hear each other!

ny11NY City Hall Station
Grand Central in New York City - HomeExchangeGrand Central in New York City

Now, all you have to do is visit these beautiful cities for free by using HomeExchange! We wish you the best exchanges with GuestToGuest!

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