Follow these easy tips to find your next dream home exchange!

Tip 1: Use search filters

Once you decide where and when you want to go, simply search your desired location, ensuring to enter the date you wish to travel. This will display all available homes in that location during that period. Simple, right?

Tailor your search to your individual preferences by using filters. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Homes with photos” – houses without photographs tend to delay a bit in replying.
  • Response rate > 80%” – members with high response rates will answer your inquiries quickly.
  • Guest Wanted” – shows those members who are actively looking for guests to exchange with using GuestPoints.

Tip 2: Check the availability calendar

Once you have found several homes you like and you will contact we recommend you contact only those members whose home is available for exchange on the dates you would like to travel. In the example below, you see that the member is only available from April 23 to April 30. If that fits in your travel schedule, contact them.

Pro Tip: For optimal flexibility, contact members with availability periods in “blue” who are “are looking for guests” will exchange using GuestPoints.

Tip 3: Show others you can be trusted

Home exchanging is built on trust. For a host to welcome you into their home, especially when using GuestPoints, you show that you are a trusted person who will respect their home. How?

  • Become a verified member! For only 25 € a HomeExchange team member will verify your profile. The process is simple and 100% confidential; send in a photocopy of your identity card and proof of address, and we will confirm you are who you say you are.

  • Refine your home description. When members look for an exchange they often want to know more about you and your home. How you describe your home matters. Make sure the description is 100% complete. Include photos, address, information about why you love your home and the surrounding area. Not only will this help other members want to exchange with you, it also earns you more GuestPoints!

  • Refine your profile. In addition to describing your home, tell the community a bit about yourself. Your occupation, age, and even your hobbies make a big difference when it comes to finding that ideal home exchange.

Pro Tip: Make it personal. You’ll have a higher success rate by adding a profile picture.

Tip 4: Use GuestPoints.

GuesttoGuest offers two different ways of arranging an exchange; GuestPoints and reciprocal exchanges. A reciprocal exchange is the classic home exchange model, where “you stay at my home and I stay in yours”. GuestPoints, on the other hand, is when your exchange points to stay in a member’s home. It should come as no surprise, that the majority of exchanges on HomeExchange are organized using GuestPoints because they allow for maximum flexibility.

Pro Tip: offer member both types of exchanges.

Tip 5: Be flexible!

Choosing to go on a home exchange holiday is different (and we think better) than staying at a hotel. People are choosing to let you into their lives by sharing their home. The process is one that requires mutual trust, and of course, that may take some time. For this reason, we recommend you send ten or more messages to find the right “match”. Exploring multiple options is the best way to ensure you end up with an exchange you love. Once you’ve lined up some options, remember that communication is key. This means that if at any point, you don’t feel comfortable or have questions, simply let the other member know and be courteous. Of course, be open to the possibility that your potential host also has this option. Remember, the more you communicate the better the exchange will go and you will feel like you are exchanging with an old friend.

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