Things to do at a OuiShare Festival!

Ouishare Fest is the biggest sharing economy festival, and one which is not to be missed! Over the course of 3 days, volunteers and professionals come from all over the world to attend conferences, workshops and to exchange and share knowledge together about the sharing economy. We were pleased to be part of the event this year! 🙂

Ouishare Fest is also a chance to…

  • Be in John Lennon’s skin for few minutes, thanks to our friends from Koolicar. 🙂

GuestToGuest, traveling, sharing economy, ouishare fest

  • Attend conferences, lie down on the floor on soft/fluffy cushions (no more back problems!)

  • Hug everyone after a conference even if we don’t know each other (sharing economy helps people grow closer!)

GuestToGuest, traveling, sharing economy, ouishare fest

  • Enjoy a pancake while chatting with the CEO of a Startup (cool atmosphere!)

  • Speak English for a day (without leaving Paris, an amazing opportunity!)

  • Contribute to the conversation by writing questions on Post-Its during conferences.

  • Have lunch together and meet new and interesting people.

  • Dance on Lindy Hop at the end of the day with volunteers, professionals and Ouishare members (Let’s dance!)

  • Find our favorite beer: BAPBAP!

  • Dance together the Samba to close the festival!

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