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Zoya is a spontaneous adventurer who loves photography, yoga, dancing, music and the arts! She has two beautiful homes in Macedonia and the United States. Zoya is an avid home exchanger and has generously shared her experience for the HomeExchange community to follow!

Where did you go on home exchange?

Sao Paolo, Brazil

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How did you choose your destination and home exchange?

I was traveling through Brazil and Sao Paolo was my last destination, a former capital city with a great deal of cultural events and great restaurants to enjoy. Looking to stay in the Paulista area I was happy to find Kiel’s place on Augusta street, near numerous bars and restaurants and walking distance to Paulista Avenue.

"I experienced the life of a local Paulista woman and had someone to lean on with any questions or help I needed!"

What was the conversation like with your host?

Kiel responded quickly and was happy to accept me as a guest, non-reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints. I was a alone and could occupy her guest bedroom; we shared the rest of the flat.

Your arrival: How was the house? Did you meet your host? Did they give you any gifts or tips for visiting the area?

Kiel’s is a nice flat in an elegant historic building on Augusta street. She was away when I arrived but her kind neighbor met me and let me in the flat. I had a spacious bedroom and shared the rest of the flat with Kiel. She was busy with work and I with sightseeing so we did not spend much time together, but she responded to my text messages and addressed any requests or tips I needed. She speaks good English, so that was helpful too. We were fortunate to have a little get-together with some of her friends the last night of my stay. I had brought a small bottle of Mastika, a Macedonian drink, for them to try, and we enjoyed it with bruschettas and pizza.

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How did exchanging your home influence your vacation, compared to a traditional vacation rental?

Staying with with Kiel’s was a special experience, as I experienced the life of a local Paulista woman, met her and her friends, and had someone to lean on with any questions or help I needed. Now I have friends in Sao Paolo.

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"The little party at Kiel's the last night of my trip is what will stick as it was a personal and fun experience"

Tell us about what you saw during your trip.

Being on Augusta and near Paulista Avenue, I explored that area, and well as ventured into the Jardins quarter. The first morning I took the free tour of downtown and learned a lot more about the history of Sao Paolo and the people who built it. I enjoyed very much my visit to the art museum and its unusual way of presenting its art pieces. Last but not least, I had to try their famous Italian food – pizza and pasta, some great coffee and gelato, and of course acai.

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Bonus question: What is the best memory from your trip?

The whole visit was lovely. The little party at Kiel’s the last night of my trip is what will stick as it was a personal and fun experience.

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