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Judith is an active sharing economy enthusiast and has currently organized 3 exchanges as a HomeExchange member. Her home sits right on the shores of Lake Champlain and is only a short 1 hour drive from Montreal or a 30 minute drive from Vermont.


Why did you join the GuesttoGuest community?

I joined GuesttoGuest because as an experienced home exchanger, I found it was sometimes difficult to interest others in a mutual exchange. With GuesttoGuest’s point system, exchanging is more flexible.

Judith's backyardJudith’s backyard

Were you a host or a guest during your recent exchange?

I was a host for two recent exchanges, neither of which was with native English speakers (my language). GuesttoGuest’s translation tools make communicating via the website easy and help to overcome any misunderstandings or miscommunication when bridging language differences.

Did you have any concerns or fears before the exchange?

With the points system, I felt I could be putting my property more at risk than with a mutual exchange where both parties have something at stake. However, GuesttoGuest guests have been extremely conscientious and careful and have left our home in perfect shape.

Judith’s living room

Did you like the relationship you had with your guests?

Because of our geographical circumstances, I do not always get to meet our guests in person. It is always a far richer experience when we do get to meet our exchange partners.

What do you think is the best advantage of swapping your home?

A house swap places you in a neighborhood rather than a commercial area zoned for hotels so you get a better feel for how the locals live. You have the privacy and freedom to come and go on your own schedule as well as having all the comforts of home.

"If you want an authentic experience of the local culture, there is no better way to travel than home exchange. It is easy, cost effective, and so rewarding!"

Feel free to share any other information that you would like our other fabulous GuestToGuest members to know…

If you’re serious about participating in the home exchange community, you must include photos with your listing (there are ways to overcome any fears about security). Photos build trust and confidence with potential exchangers. The appearance or size of your home is so much less important that its location…and most of all your enthusiasm for your neighborhood or region.

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