A new version of the calendar is now available on our website to facilitate your search for a home exchange.

The calendar on your GuestToGuest profile allows other members to know when your home is available for exchange.

When another member performs a search using travel dates your home will appear in their search results depending on the availability periods marked in your calendar.

What is new on the HomeExchange calendar?

3 colors = 3 clear availability statuses

header_calendar_enYou can choose between 3 different availability statuses to make your calendar easy to read:

  1. Available shown in green

This status means: “I am available for a reciprocal exchange or a non reciprocal exchange using GuestPoints during this period.”

  1. Guest Wanted shown in blue

This status means: “I am actively searching to host guests in exchange for GuestPoints during this period.”

  1. Booked shown in red

This status means: “There will be HomeExchange members staying in my home during this period.” This status appears on your calendar automatically when you finalize an exchange as a host on HomeExchange.

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The old calendar showed 5 different availability types. It has been improved to be more comprehensible for our members.

How to update your calendar

Follow these steps to update the availability periods on your calendar:

  • Once on your HomeExchange profile, access your calendar by going to “My profile” at the top right of the screen and selecting “My home” from the drop down menu
  • Click on the tab labeled “Calendar” found beneath your home’s title
  • Click on the first date of your availability period – the start date – and then click on the end date. The entire period will be highlighted in grey
  • Choose between “Available” and “Guest Wanted” for the period you selected
  • You can also use these instructions to delete an availability period

Did you know? Your chances of finalizing a home exchange are increased when you perform a search using travel dates and filters.calendrier HomeExchange échange de maison

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