Every country has specific meals and foods that represent their culture and their people, and Ireland is no different. If you are planning a trip to Ireland in the coming months, be sure to try some of the famous dishes and recipes that the Emerald Isle is famous for – they are mouthwateringly good! 🙂

Here is some Irish Food You Need To Try!

Irish Fry


The Irish breakfast is imitated in many countries throughout the world – but none of them come close to the one you will eat on the Emeral Isle! To really appreciate it at its best, it should be made with real Irish products, like clonakilty sausages and pudding and batchelors baked beans! The famous black and white pudding (made from pigs blood) is a significant addition to the breakfast feast and it really is one of the best parts! The common Irish fry consists of fried sausages, fried bacon, black and white pudding, a fried egg and batchelors baked beans. Of course it’s even better if you add fried mushrooms and tomatoes, some toast and accompany it with a cup of real Irish tea – Barry’s!

Irish stew


Irish stew can be made with a range of different meats, but the most traditional is lamb. The meat is cooked and placed in a large cooking pot along with stock, carrots, turnip, leek, onions and seasoning. It should be left to simmer all together for one hour, and then the most important Irish ingrediant is added – the potatoes! You can also add cabbage etc and some parsley for flavour – and voila, you have yourself a traditional Irish stew. Describing a stew is rather difficult, perhaps the best way is by looking at the picture above. If you want to experience REAL Irish cuisine, then make it a Guinness stew! 🙂

Bacon and Cabbage

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This dish consists of boiled bacon with cabbage and potatoes. Similar to the Alsacian “choucroute” but with one meat instead of a variety and this meal is served with carrots and turnip, but most importantly parsley sauce. This is known to be famous because in history, most of these ingediants were readily available to Irish families as they used to grow their own vegetables and reared their own pigs and it was considered to be a very nourishing meal. Back bacon is usually used in the receipe but it depends on personal preference, and green cabbage is a necessity. No questions asked – the potatoes have to be served mashed with bacon and cabbage!

Seafood Chowder

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Any of the fishing villages on the Irish coast will always serve a delicious bowl of chowder with all of the freshest seafood, caught locally each morning. Seafood chowder can contain a range of different fish, most common are haddock, mussels and salmon but these can vary depending on preference and what was caught that morning obviously! Where other fish soups have a tomato base, the seafood chowder has a cream base with star anise for extra flavouring. Necessary accompaniments are fresh brown bread and a pint of Guinness!

Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake

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Baileys Irish cream is a famous Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur which was launched in 1974. Can you think of anything better than combining this world famous drink with a delicious cheesecake recipe? It is one of the world’s dreamiest deserts. A variety of cakes, tarts and puddings were created with the liqueur, and the Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake has fast become one of the most popular – we can see why!!

Have you been tempted to try any of these meals on your next trip to Ireland? If you can – you should definitely try them all! 🙂
Each of them represent a different part of Irish culture and history. The full breakfast was originally created to prepare one for a long hard day or working in the farm and both the stew and bacon and cabbage are historical dishes known to nourish one after a long day on the farm! The seafood chowder represents the many Irish fishing villages that are scattered along the Irish coast, and the Baileys is one of Ireland’s most famous whiskeys!

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