Meet Laetitia from our Marketing Team

Laetitia is from Normandy, 25 years old, and joined us in January 2015



Favorite quote

"Everything you ever wanted is right behind the fear" - George Addair

If I offer you a one-way ticket to the destination of your choice (no way back), where would you go?

Melbourne – Australia. For the life quality, the surf and the kangouroos.

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An unusual travel anecdote?

I was traveling in Asia with 5 friends. We took a bus from Laos to Vietnam. The travel was supposed to last 24 hours. We did not bring any food with us and we only had some money of Lao currency and 1 American dollar.

During the travel, we stopped in restaurants that did not want our money because it was not Vietnamese or American. In addition, the bus driver stopped many times to sell some chickens, pigs… and finally the travel lasted more than 30 hours! When we arrived in Vietnam we were starving and exhausted, but what a memory!!

If you were an animal, which one would you be ?

leticia3A meerkat because I am very spontaneous and always on the lookout!

What is you essential accessory when you travel?

leticia4My head band because it allows me to do my hair very fast and to sleep in the dark in the transportations.

Best travel advise we gave you?

When your parents told you "Never talk to strangers", they were wrong.

What do you especially like at HomeExchange?

The possibility to grow and to be proactive.

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