Discovering peoples dreams and aspirations is what the "Into the Dream" project is all about.

The project is led by a young couple who love to travel, who are about to embark on a worldwide adventure together.

HomeExchange will be their travel partner throughout the journey.

“What is your dream?”, it is a simple question, yet it is one which requires profound reflection in which every response is unique. If you travel the world, would you expect to find that people dream in the same way? In order to find the answer to this question, Océane and Alexandre created “Into the Dream”, the project that will discover the dreams of the world.

While they are discovering the world and living once-in-a-lifetime experiences, GuesttoGuest will be the travelling partner of Into the Dream! Home exchange not only permits people to travel for free, but it is also an enriching experience that enables people to meet others. During their journey, Océane et Alexandre will stay in homes of the GuesttoGuest community and discover the member’s dreams and experiences regarding home exchange, and more importantly how this way of traveling has opened their eyes to a new world of culture.

People who follow their dreams

Into the Dream logoThe objective of Into the Dream is to meet people who are striving to make their dreams a reality and who are passionate about communicating to others how important it is to follow your dreams. Océane et Alexandre began in Europe where they created a guide to inspire people, they have already spoken to almost 20 people in Paris and Rome.

Big or small, we all have dreams and aspirations. Into the dream is the perfect opportunity to gather stories from around the world and share them on social media. In 2017, the couple, with just their backpack and camera, will set off on an adventure with the aim of meeting ordinary people with extraordinary personalities. They chose home exchange as their means of traveling and GuesttoGuest will be their partner on this inspirational journey.

Talking about dreams helped them realize their own dream

Into the Dream is really the dream of Océane et Alexandre, a 25 year old couple from Nice. They both completed their studies in Lyon and after experiencing time abroad, they returned to France and joined the busy Parisian life. Shortly after, their dream of travelling the world and living an extraordinary experience resurfaced and they decided to devote themselves entirely to the project.

An itinerary that covers over 30,000 kilometers in 4 continents awaits them: “After Europe, we would like to go to Latin America for seven months, then to America and South-East Asia. We haven’t bought our return ticket yet” confides Alexandre.

Into The Dream portrait

See their Facebook page and follow their blog regularly for updates and discover the new adventures of Into the Dream.