Europe’s #1 party town never sleeps. With bars and clubs that stay open all night, Berlin’s vibrant nightlife attracts thousands of young tourists each weekend from all over the world, just to party!

Top Locations for Partiers from Julia, our German Colleague

  • Chalet (Kreuzberg)
  • Wilde Renate (Friedrichshain)
  • Watergate (Kreuzberg)
  • Prince Charles (Kreuzberg)
  • Berghain (Friedrichshain)
  • Ipse (Kreuzberg)
  • Kater Blau (Friedrichshain)
  • House of Weekend (Berlin Mitte)

Culture in Berlin: Fun for All Ages

However, Berlin is not only for young people, it has a rich history and culture to offer tourists of all ages.

Our member Jack has shared with us his best cultural secrets for visitors.

Jack, 36, comes from Birmingham and moved to the German capital four years ago. For the last three years, he has conducted many home exchanges of his home in the Moabit neighbourhood of Berlin. “Home exchange has so many advantages; I save money on my holiday budget, it’s easier to meet new people, and most of all, I get to experience the local lifestyle in a very special way.”

Above all, Jack loves Berlin for its outstanding cultural offerings. If the weather is poor, he recommends his guests visit to Gemälde Galerie in Potsdamerplatz. “I’ve been there nearly 25 times, and the exhibits still stun me every time.” Moreover, he recommends the Kupferstich Kabinett and the Kunstgewerbemuseum, which are also located at Postdamerplatz.” His favourite district of Berlin is Berlin Mitte, where he loves to pass his time on the famous Museum Island.

Culture in BerlinMuseum Island
Berlin is a very green city. There are gorgeous parks all over the city. In summertime, Jack likes to relax in his favourite park, Volkspark Friedrichshain. The park is enjoyable not only for relaxing in the sun and playing Frisbee during the day, but you can also spend your evenings there. The park is home to an open air cinema big enough for 1500 people. From May to the beginning of September there are daily film screenings that you can attend for only 7€.

Culture in BerlinVolkspark Friedrichshain’s Open Air Cinema
When asked what he likes to do in the evening in Berlin, Jack didn’t have to think long. He is a passionate musician and frequents one of Germany’s best jazz clubs, A-Trane. For the last 20 years, A-Trane has hosted musicians from all over the world. A number of radio shows and live CDs have been recorded there. For live music fans, an evening at the A-Trane is a must on your next visit to Berlin.

Culture in BerlinJazz Musicians at A-Trane
Jack has one last top secret to share for movie lovers!

At the Babylon Cinema, there remains the last standing cinema organ in Germany. Every Saturday at midnight, “the witching hour”, they project a silent film accompanied by the organ. Entrance is free, and their slogan is: “0 hour, 0 Euros”. If you are lucky, you can hear Jack live on the organ; he is in fact one of their organists.

The Babylon Cinema is located in the Mitte district, close to the Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz, where Jack also likes to go for drinks with friends on occasion.

This concludes Jack’s best tips for culture for his guests in Berlin. His exchanges have been so successful that he remains in contact with some of his previous guests!

Jack had his best HomeExchange experience in Xilxes, Spain. “I spent one of my home exchanges with my girlfriend in Xilxes. Thanks to GuestToGuest I found an exchange with an extraordinary piano, and facing the beach!”

For his next home exchange, Jack plans to go farther afield, to South America, where HomeExchange offers thousands of accomodations.

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Happy travels,
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