Home exchange is a practice that requires knowledge of the basic rules so that your search for home exchange is obtained in the best way possible. Below are the main rules when practicing home exchange.


Why becoming a member of HomeExchange is so easy?

The foundation of HomeExchange is based on three important principles:

  • Being free
  • simple
  • unbinding

You do not need to pay a subscription fee to view the houses or apartments that we offer our members. You do not have to worry about filling out hours of required data; simply enter some information about yourself and your home. This information is not sold or exchanged, so you don’t have to worry about you personal information being leaked. Lastly, HomeExchange is not binding. You can always remove your house or apartment during a period where you do not want to accept any exchanges. This is great for our members because we allow you to control your home without being bound to a contract. With just one click your home can be visible again and ready to exchange for the holidays.

Don’t hesitate! Register your home by clicking here!

Why is it important to have a well-stocked profile?

On HomeExchange we have many fields to describe who you are and how your home is set up. As we have discussed in other articles, the most important element in the exchange practice is trust. When describing yourself and your home, you are helping generate confidence among the other members. The person who receives your messages will first analyze your profile. Some questions they might consider are: Who are you? What are some of your qualities? What are some of your flaws? From there they will begin to look at your home and ask themselves things such as is it beautiful? Is it well kept and tidy, is the home well decorated, and so on and so forth. If you’re very organized, you will exchange with someone who is similar to you. It is imperative to have a photo for your profile, a photo of your home and a description of your home in order to contact others for at least 2 months.

To contact or to be contacted, is the question one might ask at this point.

The exchange is as the name implies: an exchange. Thus, there are two things that are imperative to know. There are no rules and no attachments. You can contact as many people as you like and we guarantee that you will find a destination! Although it may not necessarily be your desired start, in the end it is still an exchange.
Do not become discouraged if people do not contact you when you first become a member of the HomeExchange family. There will be times where you will encounter people who do not wish to exchange with you. Then one day someone will contact you and this will become your next vacation! When they do call, be sure to describe your you and your plans a bit: who you are, what you will you do and if you’re willing to do an exchange with GuestPoints or as a reciprocal exchange. When responding to questions be sure to always try and give a little explanation as to why your response may be yes or no and don’t forget to wish good luck to the person in case of a refusal. To further help you, HomeExchange has implemented several tools. You can save your desired destinations into a section of your profile called ‘My destinations,’ creating an alert when a home or apartment becomes available in that area. To do this, after you enter your search make sure to press the “Add to ‘My destinations'” button located at the top of the page. We also offer a reverse search button, which is a simple way to find people who want a home similar to yours from the destination you choose. Once you have entered your location, press the white button that says ‘reverse search’ just to the right hand side of the page. All you have to do now is wait. Home exchange will help you find your next vacation: Be ready and listening!

How to finalize into the trade?

The last step before taking advantage of this amazing opportunity is to finalize the exchange! At this point, you have probably swapped a lot of messages. In these messages you discussed a lot of issues, but there still remains some uncertainty about a few things. We recommend that the guest and the host arrange a telephone conversation at the end of the process. This is the last step, but it is always necessary. The exchange of houses or apartments is a mutual choice (whether it is nonreciprocal or reciprocal). Do I want to go to this person home or do I want to welcome them here in my home? The phone conversation will allow you both the chance to reassure one another before following through with the arrangement. After this call is made you are now ready! The host will then verify that they have updated their schedule (this step will soon be required on HomeExchange). If it is a reciprocal exchange, it is necessary that both the host and the guest check it.

At the bottom right, you will find the button to fill in the dates. You will then find yourself with a recap of the agreement and the only thing that remains is for you to confirm your reservation! If there is a deposit required, it will be charged once your host validates the invitation. You will then receive all the information about your host (the exact address, contact information, etc) via email. A few days before you are due to arrive make one last phone call to ensure that everything is in place and ready for your arrival! Good communication, Great exchanges, Grand Vacations! Your home lets you travel with HomeExchange.

See you soon !


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