Today, HomeExchange gathers over 43,000 members across the globe. As we were telling you last week in our newsletter, and in our blog, mars is the ideal month to start preparing your summer home swap! In this article we give you our insights on how to prepare your home swap successfully 🙂

Step 1: Start your searches

Chercher une maison pour faire un échange pendant les vacancesThe first step to find a home swap is to carefully think about what kind of trip you want. We advise you to be as flexible as possible on the dates or sometimes the destination. Indeed, sometimes, home exchange is made of surprises and born from a random discussion with one of our members! Try to consider new countries or cities that you hadn’t thought of in the first place, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Step 2: Contact other members

Contacter un membre pour un échange de maisonThen, you can start contacting other members that live in the homes you have selected. Here are some advice on how to select your members: Contact first the members who have a good response time and response rate. These indicators assure you that the member you contact is responsive to your request. You should also prioritize the verified members. Those members appear in green at the top of the search result because GuesToGuest verified their identity and direction. Finally, it’s always better to contact the members whose listing is fully completed, with photos, so that you can easily picture yourself over there on vacation 🙂

Step 3: Discuss with your host/guest

Discuter avec la personne avec qui vous ferez un échange de maisonIt’s time to get to know you future guest or host. You can start talking about the dates and what you are expecting in this home swap. It’s also nice to talk about what you like, your hobbies and passion in life. If you share some common interests, you can give him/her advice on what to do in your region. Sometimes, some people prefer to talk on the phone or over skype in order to have a spontaneous conversation with their guest/host.

Step 4: send/accept your invitation request

Envoyez ou acceptez la demande d'échange de maisonSending and invitation request is the way to officialize you exchange. Without the acceptation of the invitation request, the home swap is not considered as concluded. When both members agreed on the dates and the terms of the exchange, the guest need to send an invitation request by clicking on the blue button “finalize the exchange” in your HomeExchange inbox. Then, the guest has to fill in a little form about the exchange and his credit card information for the deposit. The host then receives an e-mail informing him that he has to accept the request. As soon as it is accepted, the GuestPoints are transferred from one account to another.

Concerning reciprocal exchanges, both members need to send an invitation request.

Step 5: practical details

Prévoir la logistique pour que l'échange de maison se passe au mieuxIt is very important to discuss about the practical details and logistics before the exchange. As soon as both members agree on the home swap, a lot of questions arise: How do we give you the keys ? Should I bring my own sheets? What about the food in the fridge … ?

In order for your guests to have a pleasant stay at your place, we recommend you prepare a short summary of all the information that they need about your house. Its always nice to add some advice on places to visit in the regions, nice restaurants addresses etc… That’s what makes home swapping so nice!

When you are invited, it is always nice to buy a small present to your hosts to thank them letting you their home (chocolates, flowers, drawings from the kids..)

Once you are back home, don’t forget to rate your stay and give your opinion about you home swap in order to help your host improve his profile

Travel with HomeExchange

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Have a nice day!