Convincing your significant other to sign up on HomeExchange can be a difficult task. We’re here to help you during this important stage.

Always eager to make your relationship the best it can be, it is you who convinced your partner to join you in yoga classes, to choose the bike over the car, or even to stop eating gluten. Following the same trend of virtual progress, it is also you who suggested to your significant other that you partake in home exchange using GuesttoGuest. But maybe your S/O has some criticisms or doubts. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you how to sweep them away and convince your significant other to give home exchange a shot.

1) Get their mouths watering at the thought of going on vacationconvince your significant other home exchange vacation convince your significant other to use home exchange

Start by taking nice pictures of your home and sign up to be a member of GuesttoGuest for free. Once this is done, you’ll have access to our 268,000 homes located in 187 different countries. Has your significant other always dreamt of going to Spain? Thanks to our search filters, you can show them what specific regions have in store, such as houses with pools or jacuzzis. Since they might think it’s too good to be true, don’t hesitate to constantly remind them that our services are free.

2) Talk to them about authenticity

What is more impersonal and anonymous than a hotel room? Not much, really. On the other hand, making yourself comfortable in a person’s home can vastly improve your vacation. The settled-in feeling, the decorations, and the personal items inside will leave you with unforgettable memories of both your home exchange and your vacation.

Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona… choose your love nest

3) It’s free, and we suggest you repeat it

Granted, this argument alone might not fly, but nonetheless: signing up to our site is free, just like the exchanges themselves. Without the price of accommodations to worry about, you can save up to one third of your budget. By removing the use of financial transactions, home exchange with GuesttoGuest is available to all, home owners and rentors alike.

“I’d say that one must try to visit another’s home using the GuestPoints offered at membership sign up at least one time. Giving it a try is not stressful.”
Jean-Philippe, GuesttoGuest Ambassador

4) An insurance policy that reassures

“What if our guests break something?” is probably one of your partner’s arguments. No need to panic, this may be the easiest concern to resolve. For starters, remind them that this issue could occur in any type of accommodation that costs money. Then, let them know that our members are able to sign up for an insurance policy and deposit thanks to the Maif. With this protection in place, your significant other is sure to sleep soundly knowing that they are well taken care of. If your significant other is really being a tough cookie, let them know a few things about our verification process.

5) Everything is more enjoyable when shared

Don’t hesitate to remind your significant other that exchanging your home with GuesttoGuest gives you the opportunity to take part in a sharing experience that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. As a guest, you will enjoy the comforts of another’s home for free. As a host, your home will be looked after while you are away, the plants will be watered, your cats will be fed, and the potential risk of robbery will basically disappear. In the end, you can always rely on the wise words of Virginia Woolf to support your argument: “for pleasure has no relish unless we share it.”

6) The Restricted Area !

To be a host means to allow others into your home and intimate space. Perhaps your significant other has some guilty secrets they don’t wish to reveal (personal photos or the complete collection of Nicholas Sparks novels). It’s only human and everyone is probably in the same boat. One must simply gather their prized personal possessions and place them in a safe space, such as a locked closet or safe. This restricted area will help keep you zen when it comes time to receive guests, and will simultaneously save you from potential discomforts if your guests were to discover your little secrets.

7) The kids will thank you

With the need for extra beds and perhaps personal rooms, going on vacation with your kids comes at a cost that may make you think twice about traveling in the first place. That is, of course, unless you travel with GuesttoGuest, in which case the cost of accommodations have no risk of busting your budget. Do you intend to travel with young children? If so, choose to exchange with a host who has munchkins of their own. You’ll undoubtedly find a changing tables, toys, a crib, and everything else you might need. In just a few clicks you can become your kids’ hero a*d vitam æternam** *by offering them a vacation in a big house with a garden.

“Since we are saving money on accommodations we go on vacation more often in the year and take full advantage of moments spent as a family. We’ve gone on vacation eight times rather than just once this year.” -Nathalie, GuesttoGuest Ambassador

8) As method of last resort: the radical approach

As a more radical effort, you always have the option to plan a surprise romantic getaway using GuesttoGuest. You’re guaranteed to convince them that way. You need not blame yourself if all of your efforts paired with our list of tricks to convince your significant other is not enough; it appears as though you are dealing with a stubborn individual. Since the use of grand words necessitates grand action, you have but one radical tactic left: the surprise exchange. Create your account, get verified, and earn your initial welcoming GuestPoints. Find an exchange in which you can be a weekend guest in the dream home of your choice. Your partner will have no choice but to stand in awe at your impressive ingenuity. We can already hear them telling you how amazing you are and that you were clearly right since the beginning.

“I suggest that you convince your partner to try home exchange by going on a short trip not too far away so that you can test the process without stressing about it. Our first exchange was for four days, and it was only an hour and a half away!” -Marie-Anne, GuesttoGuest Ambassador

Travel with HomeExchange

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