Spring Break. Long enough to travel but too short to plan a big trip. How do you deal?

Picture this: You’ve been slaving away at school, studying for midterms while simultaneously keeping track of all your readings and assignments. In the back of your mind — and perhaps in your friends’ text messages — are little reminders that Spring Break is fast approaching and you don’t want to be caught without any plans. Do you set aside your busy schedule to organize an extravagant trip or do you prioritize your schoolwork and kick it at your parents’ house for Spring Break this year? Maybe you can borrow a car and drive to the nearest coast for some R&R…. either way, you’ll deal with it later.

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If this scenario sounds all too familiar to you then pay attention. We’ve got an alternative that doesn’t involve a pilgrimage to your home town OR breaking the bank to fit all of your friends into a beachfront hotel.

Behold: home exchange. You’ve probably heard of people sharing their homes with strangers for a mutually beneficial purpose, but have you heard of HomeExchange? HomeExchange is unique as it offers free — that’s right, zero money dollars required — home exchange services to 300,000 members in 187 countries. What’s more is that, with HomeExchange and GuestPoints, you don’t have to deal with the pressure of finding someone to exchange homes with you during the same dates. You can stay at someone’s house without having to simultaneously host them! The first step is signing up and making an account on HomeExchange. You’ll win GuestPoints just from signing up, allowing you to embark on your vacation as soon as you want! Then in the summer you can return the favor and invite guests to your home. Come on, the world is your oyster.

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Now, let’s talk about Spring Break.

With home exchange on your side, there is no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to a luxurious vacation in the destination of your choice. Even right now you’re probably fantasizing about sunny spots filled with people your age having a good time. With HomeExchange, you can not only select the vacation spot of your dreams, but you will also have the opportunity to communicate with another person around the world and form connections in ways you’d never imagined!

Since we obviously love all things to do with vacation, we’ve gone ahead and made you a list of homes in prime Spring Break locations for 2017.

“Let’s go to….”


630740Check out Mayra's home

668816Check out Rebeca's home

402565Check out Rob's home

The Bahamas

400536Check out Lauren's home

791036Check out Louise and Pierre's home


168988Check out Vanessa's home in Miami

811344Check out Deborah's home in Palm Beach

New Orleans

719258Check out Amy's home

898690Check out Brian's home

350302Check out Daniella's home

Los Angeles

1063810Check out Lucy's home

Puerto Vallarta

949295Check out Leticia's home

1056848Check out Norm's home

661357Check out Raúl's home

Admittedly, it takes a big step and a certain amount of courage to try new ways of traveling. Not only are we all creatures of habit, but as a student you might fear taking the precious time to step out of your comfort zone. HomeExchange is here so assuage those fears and help you organize your vacation in a way that will free you from both organizational and financial burdens. Once you’ve signed up you will be free to browse our countless homes and let your imagination run wild as you envision your Spring Break adventures!

Join HomeExchange and venture into the world of home exchange. You’ll thank us later.

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