3 Reasons to choose home exchange and travel with peace of mind on your next vacation

Vacationing by home exchange offers more affordable holiday options in comfortable and personalized accommodations. It is not for nothing that this practice is becoming more and more popular among families around the world.

Savings and comfort are not the only advantages of home exchange. It is also a safer way to travel.

1. Hosting other families, means your home has less of a chance of being burglarized
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We all have it, whenever we leave our home for an extended period of time, that feeling of “what if…?”. Maybe you are one of the wiser ones, you ask a trusted neighbor or family member to check on your home every once and a while, but is this enough?

If you really want to play it safe, you should try a home exchange. An occupied home is the best burglar deterrent out there. Not to mention, you can even ask your guests to take care of the plants and animals. No need to disturb friends and families or pay someone to handle these tasks for you. All you need to do is stay in someone else’s home for free!

Mathilde échange de maison sécurité cambriolageMathilde, 5 exchanges.

“This site allows you to go on holiday for free, that’s obvious, but that’s not all it offers. We also made friends! We shared a lot with our guests, like advice on local restaurants, the trusted mechanic, where to go to the doctor…We do not rent our home out, we exchange our home. It comforts us to know our home is occupied and safe, which means we feel better leaving our chickens and garden behind!”

All you need to do is log on to GuesttoGuest put your calendar as Available and welcome another family into your home. Tip: Update your calendar to “Guest Wanted” or “Available” status to receive more requests.

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2. On HomeExchange, you can choose between different options of Trust

Leaving your home to strangers can be scary at first, but during the exchange process, you will come to know your guests. After a few days of messaging, you will begin to consider your guests as acquaintances, maybe even friends. In fact, we encourage you to speak to your host/guest by any means possible. Organize a skype call, exchange phone number, and just take the time to get to know one another.

You can also choose to contact only verified members and even have your own identity verified. This is an optional service, but helps build trust within the community. All you need to do is send in a proof of ID (ex. copy of passport or driver license), a copy of a proof of residence (ex. electric bill, gas bill, internet bill – no older than 6 months), and pay 25 €. Once your account has been verified, you will receive the trusted badge of the “verified member” on your profile image. You are also free to set the security deposit amount for your own home.

Did you know? Home exchange is legal for both tenants and property owners. Home exchange is also not subject to taxation because there are no financial transactions between members.

3. You have access to a special home exchange insurance with MAIF
GuestToGuest, in partnership with MAIF, offers the first insurance designed especially for home exchanges. Whether you are a guest or a host, this insurance helps you to relax while you travel. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, the host can be guaranteed that they will be compensated for damages.

GuesttoGuest proposes a home exchange insurance for all members with 3 options:

  • Minimum: 4€/day
  • Zen: 8€/day
  • Comfort: 15€/day

Learn more about insurance

Sébastien échange de maison assuranceSébastien, 4 exchanges

This is a great site that helps us to vacation at a low cost. We really appreciate that there is no fee for our stay and the deposit and insurance help us feel more secure when we travel.

Christelle échange de maison assuranceChristelle, 11 exchanges.

Home exchange is a golden opportunity to meet charming and friendly people, curious to discover your city! The deposit option and insurance offered by GuesttoGuest are perfect for reassuring anyone that might be a little anxious…

Now you know that home exchange is the safest and most secure way to travel, among being the most affordable of travel solution. So what are you waiting for!? Log onto HomeExchange and organize your next family vacation!

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