This week we invite you to discover 11 dream islands in the Atlantic Ocean, where you can stay for free with HomeExchange!

They are located in the Antilles, in France, or close to Africa, in the case of a home exchange with one of our members, accommodation will not cost you a single cent! Now you just need to find your piece of paradise with your feet underwater!

Saint Martin (French Antilles)

Saint Martin, an ideal island for home exchangesSaint Martin, the “friendly island”
The island of St. Martin, also known as the “Friendly Island”, lives up to its name: cozy, lively day and night, whose atmosphere will enchant you. The island offers many activities such as kitesurfing, waterskiing, scuba diving, surfing or just relaxing on the warm sand. You will be spoiled for choice. The best part? You can sojourn for free if you organize a home exchange with a resident of Saint Martin ! Here are some homes of our members:

Exchange of homes with a pool in Saint MartinDo you like pools? Our members as well!Exchange of house with a pool in Saint Martin in the French AntillesBreakfast with a view over the sea or over a pool? Both please!

Canary Islands (Spain)

Picture of a beach in the CanariesThe Canaries: islands of fire
Located near the northern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven different islands, which offer a multitude of opportunities, but mostly mild climate all year round! Ride a camel through the Timanfaya National Park also known as “Montanas del Fuego” (Mountains of Fire) to see the volcanoes, taste the great variety of local and international cuisine at the Plaza Charco in Puerto de la Cruz or enjoy the Spanish nightlife in Veronica Strip and you will have for sure a great holiday! Besides, we have many members willing to exchange their homes or apartments in the Canaries with you, here are some of their homes:

Do a home exchange with HomeExchange and enjoy this home for free!Nothing like a meal overlooking the sea to make the most out of your vacation in the Canary Islands!
Home exchange in the Canary islandsIn the house of this member you don’t have a view overlooking the sea, but a pool and a view of a volcano!

Madeira (Portugal)

Photo of the coast of MadeiraA swim after a hike, anyone?
The small Portuguese island of Madeira, located off the coast of Morocco, is a rare treasure. Steep cliffs, lush forests, wild valleys, stunning beaches, this great variety of landscapes allows to take different types of tours: the tip of Sao Louenço, composed of volcanic rocks with ocher, red and black colors, Pico Ruivo, the culminating point of Madeira with its breathtaking view of the island but also the beautiful pebbles beach of Praia da Ribeira de Natal are waiting for you. Take advantage of a home exchange with HomeExchange to sojourn free on the island of Madeira! !

Exchange your house and follow the sun to Madeira with HomeExchange!A swimming pool, good weather, a dream vacation in the house of this HomeExchange member!
photo of a view of the island of MadeiraOn the island of Madeira, nature unveils this beauty

Saint Barthélémy (Caribbean)

Photo of a beach in Saint BarthelemyA moment of relaxation beside the turquoise waters of St. Barts
The island of St. Barts in the Caribbean is famous for its paradisiac beaches, clear waters, fine sandy and of course its sunshine all year round. Come and admire the small fishing village of Corossol, known for its colorful boats that give it a unique charm. By late afternoon, do not miss the return of boats loaded with fish and lobsters. Finally, just enjoy your time in the bars and trendy restaurants of Gustavia and admire the white houses with red roofs and decorated balconies.

A home exchange in Saint Barthélémy to enjoy for free this paradisiac island? Here are some of our members’ homes:

you can travel with HomeExchange to the island of St.Barts!An aperitif on this beautiful terrace


Photo of MartiniqueSojourn at the Martinique for free!
The island of Martinique also known as the “island of flowers” is an island located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Climb Mount Pelee and enjoy the panorama before heading to the garden of Balata, dive into a world of colors coming from more than 200 species of tropical plants and learn the secrets of making the famous Three Rivers Rum. What are you waiting for? Find the home of your dreams among the homes of our members..

Sojourn in Martinique for freeDinner at sunset in Martinique
Sojourn for free in Martinique with HomeExchangeA sunny awakening to the famous Diamond Rock


Photo of GuadeloupeA swim under the palm trees of Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe, an island located 600km from the north coast of South America, that was named after the arrival of Columbus on November 4th, 1493. In homage to the Virgin protector of sailors, he named the island “Santa Maria de Guadalupe”. Approach the Soufrieère volcano, discover the stages of production of coffee while walking between fruit trees and ancient ruins in the area of ​​Grivelière, or simply enjoy the weather and the fine sand offered by this island. But the most interesting thing: sojourn in waterfront homes for free thanks to our members in Guadeloupe:

Sojourn for free in  Guadeloupe with HomeExchangeVisit a real Creole house!
House Exchanges in Guadeloupe, are totally free with HomeExchangeA nap in the hammock after a good meal, it’s simply perfect!

The Isle of Rhé

slider-ile-de-reA picnic on the famous banks of sand of the Isle of Rhé
The isle of Rhé, nicknamed “The White Island”, is located near the French coast, but this does not diminish its charm, but the opposite! The 100 kilometers of bike path enable you to explore the flora and fauna of the island: vineyards in the East, salt evaporation ponds in the West or other various nature reserves. Fans of surfing and kitesurfing will be delighted as the island offer several spots to practice these sports like the Grenettes. And of course, we have many members willing to exchange their homes on the isle of Rhé with you for the holidays:

Accommodation on the isleof Rhé with free HomeExchangeAfter swimming, a small lunch break on a beautiful terrace
HomeExchange offers free housing in the isle of RhéReading on a bench in the middle of the gardens, a moment of complete relaxation

Island of Oléron

Photo of the Island of Oléron The harbor of Oléron and the fishermen’s boats
The island of Oléron called Oléron “the bright” because of its high rate of sunshine throughout the year is off the French coast in Charente-Maritime. On this beautiful island, you can try landsailing on the most beautiful and longest beach in the area but also stroll around the Port des Salines or among the Cabanes des Créateurs, a drop of colors in the middle of the salt evaporation ponds.

The locals of the island of Oléron are waiting for you to exchange their homes...

Home exchange with HomeExchange on the island of Oléron, it's free.A swim after visiting the castle of Oléron
Home exchange with HomeExchange on the island of Oléron, it's free.The island of Oléron, a small paradise for kids

The Bahamas

bahamasOne of the 700 islands of the Bahamas
The Bahamas are an archipelago of 700 islands and islets, located in the north of the Caribbean Sea. Throughout your stay in the Bahamas, you can swim with dolphins, practice snorkeling or you can climb the Hermitage, the highest point in the Bahamas to have a wonderful view of the archipelago. Exchange your homes for free with Bahamians and save on accommodation’s costs during your stay.

Free home exchange with our members in the BahamasStay for free in a colonial house in the Bahamas!

The Dominican Republic

Exchange your homes for free and travel to the Dominican RepublicA boat ride in the Dominican Republic!
The Dominican Republic occupies two thirds of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, Haiti occupies the third one in the western part of the island. During your stay don’t miss the leaps of humpback whales that live in the Bay of Samara, a refreshing swim in the waterfall El Limon after crossing the tropical forest but also the Manati Park to observe dolphins, crocodiles and toucans . Do not hesitate, find your homes for free in the Dominican Republic on HomeExchange, our members are waiting for you!

Home exchanges with HomeExchange in the Dominican Republic are free.An unforgettable experience in the Dominican Republic
Home exchanges with HomeExchange in the  Dominican Republic are free.A swim in a forest in the city

Our Bonus: Iceland

islandeIceland, literally the land of ice
Well-known in recent years for its volcano with the unpronounceable name, Eyjafjallajökul, Iceland is also a miracle of nature because of the many varied landscapes. You can swim in a lagoon of turquoise water in a lunar landscape of dried lava; you can wake up and see the aurora borealis, or marvel at the geysers. For all these reasons, do not hesitate and exchange your homes with Icelanders.

Home exchange with HomeExchange in Iceland, it's free.Tempted by a snowball fight?
Home exchange with HomeExchange in Iceland, it's free.Taste the icelandic culinary specialties during your stay!

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