For animal lovers, the holidays are often accompanied by complication. When you have a pet, it becomes problematic to go on vacation when you need to find someone to take care of your beloved companions while you’re away. This leads to many canceled vacations when proper accommodation isn’t found.

For those who have pets, home exchange is a more economical solution to provide for your pet during the holidays because you can take them with you. By traveling with GuestToGuest, you no longer need to use services or expensive care!

Create your ad for home exchange and take the opportunity to share your passions and meet other enthusiasts through our groups.

Here are some examples of the groups you can join on HomeExchange:

Les Amoureux des chiensDog Lovers
Les Amoureux des chatsCat Lovers

Indeed, home exchange is not just an exchange of housing, but also an exchange of lifestyle. You leave the comfort of your home to go to someone else’s and take care of their place as if it were your own (and vice versa!).

With this in mind, HomeExchange has implemented the option “Services to be rendered” which you can fill out on your ad. Here, you can select options such as “Dog/Cat to take care of.” You may be requested to feed an animal, collect the mail, water plants, etc.. Similarly, your guest will do the same for you in return!

Among other advantages, there is also a “Pet Friendly” option that members can select. This allows members to easily see which homes their pets will be accepted in. This way, it will not be necessary to seek accommodation for your companion when they can go with you!

Here are some of the many companions you may meet during your travels:


Malakoff – France


Waitarere – Brazil


Plouhinec – France


Zwaagdijk – Netherlands


Chirongui – Mayotte


Šemnice – Czech Republic

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Don’t forget, exchanging homes is also a fair exchange 🙂

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