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Use HappyGuest to create, edit, and share your digital home book to simplify the way you welcome guests.

GuesttoGuest is launching a new application to improve the home exchange experience: HappyGuest!

Change the way you host

Are you preparing to exchange or rent out your home? Get ready to receive your guests and offer them accommodations that will provide them with unforgettable memories. Thanks to HappyGuest, the mobile home book, you will be able to give your guests a warm welcome and help them feel at home!

An application that stays true to you


Your home is unique and represents you; share with your guests some advice for how to have the best experience in your accommodation.

You can input all of the necessary information to know about your home on HappyGuest through the use of text, images, and videos.

With the use of HappyGuest your guests will feel at home and will occupy your space just the way that you do. You can even recommend your favorite spots in the area to ensure that they live like locals.

How to use HappyGuest?

The application is very user friendly:

  • Create your profile (address, email, telephone number…)

  • Create and modify your home book and input your home’s amenities using text, images, and videos. (For example: Is your oven difficult to use? Take a video and explain how it functions in just a few phrases! It’ll be easier for your guests to understand.)

  • Is your HappyGuest home book ready? All that is left is to share it with all of your future guests.

Some users are already satisfied


“The application is simple and easy to use and one can update their information at their own discretion. It is much simpler than using a piece of paper to share information (codes for entryways, alarms, new equipment, etc). The photos you take are automatically uploaded and filed in the correct places.” says Cécile, a user of the application.

HappyGuest in video:

Download on iOS

Download on Android