This week is dedicated to love at HomeExchange as everywhere in the world! Indeed, Valentine’s Day is next Friday. On this special occasion we have investigated about the origins of that special day…

What happened ?


Our investigation starts in the 3rd century, and more precisely, the 14th of February 270. – seems we are on the right track 😉

This day, Valentine who was a priest, was killed by Romans. – not very romantic though…

What did he do ?

wantedActually, Valentine was breaking the law. Indeed, at that time, the Emperor Claude II, just abrogated marriage. The reason? Married men were poor soldiers because they are too focused on their families. – Love…

But Valentine did not agree with Claude II. He then encouraged all the young couples of the Roman Empire to meet him so that he secretly married them. – Love rebel!

Unfortunately, the rumor spread very fast and Claude II got Valentine arrested and imprisoned.

Rest of the story…

While he was waiting in prison, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. As he couldn’t declare his love, just before he was killed, he offered her some heart-shaped leaves and this message: “From your Valentine”. – The legend was born!

Moral of the story

dessert saint valentinAlmost 2,000 years later, the 14th of February is considered to be the day for lovers in numerous countries. Couples write love notes to each other and offer some presents such as chocolates or flowers (red ones, of course).


At HomeExchange, we think it is a very beautiful story and a very good reason for a romantic gateway during a week-end or more…

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See you soon and happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! <3

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