On March 1, 2017 HomeExchange changed the way it evaluates GuestPoints to make your exchanges easier!

HomeExchange allows its thousands of members to partake in non-reciprocal exchanges around the world thanks to one system: the GuestPoints. One can visit another’s home without having to host them in return by using GuestPoints to fuel the exchange. This permits members to both broaden their searches while remaining open to accommodate the maximum amount of people.

How does HomeExchange attribute GuestPoints?

Members receive 750 GuestPoints upon creating a HomeExchange account and completing their profile and home listing to 100%.

The home’s value in terms of GuestPoints per night is attributed once all of the descriptions of the home have been inputted. Today, homes are evaluated based on their location, number of guests they can receive, and the amenities included in the home.

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Why did we change the GuestPoint evaluation system?

We have observed that some members receive much fewer requests than others due to the fact that their homes cost too many GuestPoints per night. For example, a HomeExchange member in Brittany named Soazig says, “my home was valued at 320 GuestPoints. This put the breaks on the amount of requests I received. In fact, a new member with only 750 GuestPoints could hardly stay two nights in my home. HomeExchange suggested that I lower my home’s value to 200 GuestPoints per night. One week later I finalized an exchange that allowed me to gain 600 GuestPoints!“

With the original calculation system, some members had a lower chance of receiving guests than others.

Therefore, in order to make the search for an exchange easier and to re-establish the balance between our members, we have re-engineered the calculations in regards to the attribution of GuestPoints. The new system will be better distributed and will allow all homes to find an exchange more easily!

Members will be able to raise their GuestPoints up to 30 points higher than the site’s recommended amount.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service at contact@homeexchange.com for all future questions.

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