As you know, HomeExchange is always trying to improve in order to get you a service adapted to your needs. Today, HomeExchange has done a big step forward by translation its site in 2 new languages: Italian and Portuguese!

Why did we choose to translate the site in Italian and Portuguese? And more important: how this change will better your experience as a HomeExchange member?

More exchange possibilities: On HomeExchange, we work hard to avoid any kind of limitations for your exchanges. That’s why we created the GuestPoints: flexibility is the key!

But nothing is more limiting than having nobody to exchange with for the holidays. HomeExchange community is growing very fast and we’d like to help you spending your holidays in your favorite countries. Indeed, the 2 new languages on HomeExchange are an invitation for both Italian-speaking and Portuguese-speaking communities to register on the site. For you, it’s a new opportunity for your holidays!

Good-understanding is key when you are exchanging your home. Today, English is used all around the world. However, everything becomes easier when explained in your mother tongue. With the 2 new languages, you can be sure that your future guests and hosts will perfectly understand how the home exchange works. Even more given that those translations are going with new members of our team, ready to help!

Get ready for discovery: You understood it, HomeExchange is willing to improve everyday, open to new countries and this implies a language adaptation. Let’s take the opportunity of this announcement to discover those new countries:

Montage Bresil

The next worldwide events are the perfect occasion to visit Brazil. In addition with its amazing landscapes and beaches, assist to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Montage Portugal

Portugal is a country that will surprise you: the unique welcome from its citizens, its authentic villages, its historic sites. Leave now and discover this little country full of treasures and History.

Montage Italie

Have you already traveled in the 5th most visited country in the world? Italy, with its amazing cities, historic sites and delicious kitchen, are ready to welcome you!

Travel with HomeExchange