HomeExchange meets their members in Paris during Summer 2014 !

In July, GuestToGuest launched the project “HomeExchange Meeting Tour!”All summer we are meeting members that are on an exchange in Paris. We bring breakfast or an early evening drink to the apartment where our members are staying or go to a local Parisian cafe.

These memorable moments allow us to meet with our valued members to discuss, provide some tips on the “city of light”, understand your expectations with respect to the website and create the GuestToGuest of tomorrow, made by members, for members.

We continued our adventure with Angel and his family, coming directly from Granada and Alhambra (Spain)


We met them at a typical Parisian bakery in the sixteenth district of Paris and shared small pastries and coffee. These enthusiastic globetrotters brought alot of excitement to our morning with tales of their travels all over Europe and America. Ideas for our site? It was raining that morning 😉

Anecdote: HomeExchange exchanges the Eiffel Tower, true or false?


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