Dear members,

Today, we are unveiling a surprise that we have been preparing for the past few weeks.

We have decided to involve YOU in our home exchange community! You, as a member, are the reason why HomeExchange is able to allow thousands of people to exchange their home for free!

Because of this, we created the “Welcome” project in order to build a big photo album of all our community!

The idea is very simple: You just have to take a picture of you and your friends or family with our “welcome poster”, either at home or in front of a famous landmark of your city.

For our lucky members that are going on vacation soon, we’ll also be very pleased to receive a photo of your family and your host!

Here is how it looks!


You can download it by clicking here , or ask it to us by email at

We are going to gather all the photos and make a big photo album with it! You can have a look at the photos of the HomeExchange Team below for some inspiration!


We will reward you with 50 GuestPoints for sending us one or more pictures at, in order to thank you for being an involved member of HomeExchange!

As always, our team can answer all of your questions on the phone at +339 67 25 55 68 or at

We are waiting for your photos!

Thanks a lot in advance,
The HomeExchange Team

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