Paris, April 19, 2018 – GuesttoGuest, the world’s leading home exchange site, has acquired the Canadian home exchange website and strengthens its presence in the Canadian market. is a Quebec based home exchange platform created 18 years ago by Serge Dugas: “I am happy to announce that our site is joining forces with the GuesttoGuest group and will continue the home exchange adventure. I bid farewell to our faithful members and wish them many more fruitful exchanges.”

The GuesttoGuest group, led by Charles-Edouard Girard and Emmanuel Arnaud, is comprised of nearly 450,000 homes in 187 countries: “We are convinced that hospitality plays and will continue to play a major role among the challenges of tomorrow’s tourism market and we are putting in the work to gain a million members within 2 years.”

Since 2015, GuesttoGuest has raised almost 40 million euros and has acquired several of its competitors such as Trampolinn in France, HomeforHome in Spain, and the American leader These funds allowed this young French start-up to multiply by 12 the number of homes available for exchange (38,000 in early 2014 to 450,000 today) and double the number of overnight stays each year. The team has also grown to more than 90 employees with offices in Paris, Boston and Zagreb.

About HomeExchange:

Founded in 2011, GuesttoGuest is a peer-to-peer home exchange company, with 450,000 homes in over 187 countries. This online platform, also available on iOS and Android, connects members wishing to organize home exchanges for their weekend trips or holiday getaways. Registration is free and each member can propose one or more homes for exchange. Each house is evaluated in number of points (GuestPoints) that the member transfers to their host in cases of a non-reciprocal exchange. In February 2017, HomeExchange acquired, known as Trocmaison in France, the American pioneer of home exchange.

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