On June 17th, HomeExchange held the first ever GuestStar Party!

The evening was held in Paris, and we welcomed over 30 members to share a drink and some food, and talk about their HomeExchange experiences. These members were handpicked, we chose members from the Paris area who were loyal to HomeExchange, but also those who were active and had participated in many exchanges.

The party took place in the Mutinerie, a co-working space located in the north of Paris, in the 19th arrondissement.


In the weeks approaching the event, we worked hard to organise an evening that would really impress our members! A lot of time and effort went in to planning every detail, so we decided to make a video to show the people present exactly what happened!

Click here to watch the video!

The event itself kicked off at 7pm. We had organised for a chef from “La Belle Assiette” to come and serve some traditional French cuisine, and we also had a sushi chef. Accompanying this, we had BAPBAP beer (a new beer which is brewed in Paris), some music and we organised some workshops.


We even had some HomeExchange cupcakes, they were awesome! 🙂


The different workshops included a polaroid corner, where we took photos of each of the guests and displayed them on a polaroid display wall. There was a HomeExchange feedback box, with cards which had inspirational travel quotes and space where guests could give us their opinions on the site etc – everything HomeExchange. We conducted some mini interviews in a private area, and asked our members to tell us a little anecdote from one of their exchanges.


HomeExchange founder Emmanuel Arnaud, General Manager Charles-Edouard Girard and Marketing Team member Nicolas Alaurent each made a short presentation during the night. We also had a thank you video for the guests and a raffle at the end of the evening.

Some of the prizes included; a HomeExchange t-shirt, a scratch map and the winner won a polaroid camera! 🙂

The evening was a great success! All of the HomeExchange team were involved and each of us so happy to have had a chance to speak with some of our best members about their experiences and opinions. We also took the opportunity to answer any questions they may have had and explain to them a little about what we do everyday.


We would love to host another GuestStar party, for some of our best members from other cities around the world. Would you be interested? Send an email to contact@homeexchange.com and tell us where you’d like the next GuestStar party to be held! 🙂

Travel with HomeExchange

Member of the marketing team at HomeExchange, a business student from southern Ireland. Currently living in and loving Paris. Passionate about travelling – to travel is to live!