HomeExchange is a website based on the concept of free home exchange with a number of innovations:

Flexibility: thanks to GuestPoints exchanges do not have to be simultaneous or reciprocal.

Trust: we have a social network that helps you exchange with people you can trust

Cost: it’s free! The only paying services are completely optional (like ID verification, which costs 20 €)

We’ve created a Co-workers and freelancers group on HomeExchange with the idea that your co-workers and freelancers are a cool, open-minded group of people that are likely to be interested in home exchange.

Thanks to this group, you can:

Get around: if you feel like working in Paris for a month, you can easily stay in a co-worker’s or freelancer’s flat over there for free while they stay in yours.

Protect your home: someone you trust would be in your home while you are away. so you wouldn’t have to worry about being robbed or having problems concerning leaks. That person could even water your plants or feed your cat!

Help build a better world: if we start hosting people for free we begin rediscovering better ways of travel, money saving, communicating and socializing!

Help yourself and everyone else get around in a cheaper, easier and safer way through HomeExchange!
By following the link below you can automatically become a member of HomeExchange and this will also enable you to find others more easily.
Right now, HomeExchange has over 140 free homes,in over 10 countries, so don’t miss your chance get away from everything while you still can!

See you soon !

Travel with HomeExchange