Enjoy Parisian theatre like never before!

Theatre in Paris offers French shows with English subtitles in historic theatres throughout Paris.

Theatre Edouard VII in ParisIn a city with 175 museums, 208 theatres, 84 cinemas and 3 magnificent opera houses, there’s no denying the incredible appreciation for art and culture the local Parisians have. But there’s also no denying that the language barrier between French and just about every other language keeps visitors from experiencing every little thing Paris has to offer.

Breaking down the language barrier is Theatre in Paris, a company that acts as a box office for English speakers in Paris, and provides English subtitles for popular French performances. While the words are projected over the stage and run in real time, English-speaking guests are able to follow along with the subtitles and not miss a second of the action on stage. By working with numerous, breathtaking and historical venues around the city, Theatre in Parisis bringing travelers and locals closer than ever before.

Previously, only the French were privy to the fantastic French shows in the secret, historical theatres in Paris, but now travelers can discover them too: think Picasso’s favorite cinema, a playhouse on an old château frequented by Voltaire, a theatre commissioned by Queen Marie Antoinette…

So book your tickets, settle into a plush red seat alongside the locals in an elegant theatre in a district nicknamed, “mini-Broadway” or one just a short walk from Palais Garnier, and spend a night out with the Parisians being entertained in the City of Light.

Shows of the Month:

Real Life

Quirky and witty, and in a hidden Parisian theater built for a king: this modern comedy is the type of show that Parisians go wild over: mystery, romance, and betrayal all in one!

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Cyrano de Bergerac

Tragic. Romantic. Hilarious: the famous classic about how Cyrano and his bulging nose manage to woo his (distant-we think) cousin against all odds. A delightful sort of quid pro quo!

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