Below is some advice on how to find a home exchange quicker by improving your response rate.

Home exchange is the perfect receipe to make for a delightful holiday. Here are our tips on how to use the response rate to organize a home exchange. Once you’ve signed-up on the HomeExchange website, you can complete your profile by describing some information about your house. Step 2 consists of indicating the dates during which you would like to organize a home exchange. Now you can start contacting members if you are looking for specific destinations.

However, you might also be open to the propositions you receive from other members who want to come to your home. If this is the case, here is an important tip to boost your visibility : take care of your response rate!

What is the response rate?

The response rate is calculated by HomeExchange : it is based on the number of messages received which you have answered. The website takes into account different parameters to help members find the best houses : members who are actively looking for guests or a reciprocal home exchange.

When searching for a destination, you can see the response rate as below in your profile page. “Response rate: 100%”.


If you click on the posting, you will have an indication of the time it would usually take for the member to reply to messages under the response rate. When looking for a home exchange you should always check this rate.


How is the response rate calculated?

The answer rate takes into account the messages received by a member during the last 7 – 10 days. A member can have 100% answer rate even if they have never done an exchange: it means they are actively looking for their first exchange.

Updated daily, this rate is important for your visibility: that is why we advise our community to answer as soon as possible to all the messages they receive and not let leave messages unreplied.


When a new member signs up, the website indicates “new member” without any response rate.

How to use the answer rate to find a home exchange?

It is recommended to contact members with a response rate above 80%.

These members are the most active. If you contact this type of member, you won’t need to contact more than 20 people to find an exchange, as it is usually recommended to do.
When using the website, click on “filters” and use “response rate > 80%” filter.

How to have a good response rate?

Having a good response rate will help you be more visible on the website. It takes into account the messages received during the last 7 – 10 days. To be more visible and receive more propositions, be sure to quickly answer any requests you receive.

Even if your answer is “no”, everybody appreciates a reply when they take the time to contact people.

You can even use the automatically saved messages to do it quickly if you don’t have the time to write a personalised message to everyone.

  1. Click on the message icon (upper right).
  2. Click into the “unreplied” messages.
  3. Select the conversation.
  4. Select one of the automatic answers.
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