Take advantage of this year’s Spring Break vacation by sharing an unforgettable adventure with your family.

Your family’s Spring Break vacation can go beyond the beach-side resorts.

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Spring Break was created to give everyone a break from daily life. Teachers, students, and parents alike have the opportunity to get a reprieve from their stressors to enjoy a break with their friends and family. We all know about the quintessential exodus to warm beaches and busy resorts taken by the nation’s youth every spring. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire blog article to help you plan your trip to the most popular Spring Break locations for young people. However, let us not forget the joys and benefits of sticking with one’s family for the week-long break.

Many choose to return to their roots and travel with or visit their families during Spring Break. Some families reunite at the beach for a week of sand and sun, while others get a taste of the urban scene and pay a visit to the country’s big cities. Whether you decide to kick it by the pool or browse the unfamiliar streets of a bucket-list city, your Spring Break of 2017 has the potential to give you the most unique experience yet.

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“What do they mean? What’s so particular about 2017?” The question isn’t about the time, but about you. Instead of stressing about hotels and booking accommodations that are already full or won’t take your entire party, try your hand at home exchange and stay in another’s comfortable home without paying a thing. Finding traditional accommodations for a busy period such as Spring Break for your family can be one of the most tedious and costly tasks you’ll take on this year. Going on home exchange not only cuts your budget by at least 30%, it also guarantees you the ease of being in a relaxing environment and having the chance to discover a new destination in the most authentic way possible. A home away from home!

According to the US Travel Association, travelers in the United States spent $650.8 billion on leisure travel in 2015.

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Choosing a Spring Break location for your family can be a daunting task. We are here to help facilitate the decision-making process by showing you a few of our member’s homes in the United States. Not only is the GuesttoGuest community expansive and welcoming to all, but they are located in every corner of the world. Since you already know about the traditional vacation destinations, allow us to present you with a selection of fun alternatives that are certain to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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These homes represent only a fraction of the GuesttoGuest community in the United States and beyond.

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