It’s no secret, kids and vacations generally spell trouble for the parents.

Whether for young parents or experienced ones, every year the summer holidays represent a challenge. Not enough beds for everyone, poor home comforts, lack of atmosphere… The list is long. And the biggest challenge for families is budget. HomeExchange has put together a list of reasons that make family home exchange the best solution for your vacations. Gaël, a father of three and a fan of home exchange, tells us how travelling by home exchange helped him reconcile all his family’s needs.

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1. Stress-free packing and less luggage

As the day of departure approaches, parents get overwhelmed preparing everyone and their bags for the trip. Stuffed animals, stroller, crib, toys, blankets… every detail is important to ensure the holiday goes well. The result is a long list of necessary items and too many bags. With home exchange, you won’t need to spend hours making sure not to have forgotten something because you’ll find everything you need at your host’s home. As Gaël explains: “We generally exchange with other families so we don’t need to bring all the kids’ stuff–everything is already there! It really makes travel easy.”

2. No longer disrupt your children’s schedules

Whether in a hotel or a rented apartment, replicating the comforts of home is often difficult on vacation. “When we exchange, we really feel at home. It’s not impersonal, like in a hotel where none of the children’s equipment is present,” says Gaël, who loves the conviviality that exchange offers. Home exchange allows you to keep the rhythm of life at home while discovering a new destination. Naps and family dinners, all your family routines can stay the same, which will make everyone happy!

3. Take advantage of your host’s advice for good family activities

On HomeExchange you can exchange your home with families all over the world according to the criteria that suit your family. Because it is organised like a social network, everything is arranged so that you can find the perfect family to correspond to your needs. Home exchange is an excellent way to meet and share with families like your own, based on the values of hospitality and trust. Spending your vacation at a family home is to enjoy a rich human experience where you are entirely immersed in the local culture. Gaël says, “We had one exchange with a family we never got to meet in person, but even so we stay in contact and regularly check up on each other’s news.”

4. New toys, pool, garden, pets… the kids will love it!

If home exchange pleases parents, it is also a system that unites children, for whom home exchange represents a real adventure. Through this experience they’ll discover a different environment, but where it’s easy to adapt because they have all the comforts of their own room with the bonus of new toys. “When we go on vacation, they feel as though they are at home and they like that,” explains Gaël, whose youngest daughter loves the idea of discovering life in a new apartment. Besides the adventure for the kids, home exchange is also an excellent way to impart the values of sharing and respect of others. It’s an experience to share with the whole family!

5. Stretch your holiday budget to indulge elsewhere

Home exchange allows families to stretch their holiday budget on average by at least 30% by doing away with the heavy costs of lodging. What’s more, your food budget will also be reduced because it’s no longer necessary to eat out morning, noon, and night in restaurants. Instead, you can take advantage of your host’s fully equipped kitchen throughout your stay. With the money you’ll save, you’ll have more to spend on little luxuries!

6. Take off to the countryside with the kids

family home exchangeOlivia’s Home
On HomeExchange you’ll find a number of hosts offering comfortable homes perfectly adapted to parents and kids in the most beautiful parts of the countryside. It makes it possible to spend your holidays as a family, far from the noise of the city, and discover the joys of nature. The kids can discover another way of life while having fun in the wide open spaces of the country.

family home exchange family home exchange

A sample of the family-friendly homes of our members: Gaël’s home

family home exchange

Located in a small village about 30 minutes from Rennes, this charming family home is a small paradise. Simple and warm, the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden and will be just the thing to enchant you and your children.

family home exchange

Its ideal location will let you visit all the unmissable sights of Brittany: Rennes, Saint-Malo, and Mont-Saint-Michel. You’ll also have easy access to the popular beaches, such as La Baule (North Coast) or Dinard (South Coast) within a one-hour car ride.

Ian and Della’s Home

family home exchange

Ian and Della’s comfortable family home on the Isle of Wight has enough room for you to bring the kids and the grandparents! The house is full of light and surrounded by greenery, making it a beautiful and calm holiday escape. The garden has plenty of room for the children to play, and a barbeque and a long table to host big family dinners. In the surrounding countryside you can go on long walks or stroll down to the beach for a variety of watersports, rockpooling, fossil hunting, surfing, or sand castle building! The village offers a selection of good restaurants and pubs, a golf course, and a photography museum.



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