Home exchange allows you to go on vacation at a lower cost but is also a safe way to travel. First of all, the exchange won’t cost you anything because you are staying for free in someone else’s home, as they stay in yours. Consequently, an understanding of respect and kindness is established as each person takes care of the house they are staying in as if it were their own!

Soon to become a way of life, home exchange is a practice that is taking off thanks to the internet and the emergence of websites like HomeExchange. Today, it has become so accessible and simple to find the home of your dreams in a destination you’ve always wanted to travel to. With just a few clicks, you can get in contact with a family across the globe looking to make a home exchange. HomeExchange gives you a variety of housing options with detailed descriptions and images allowing you to have a clear idea of where exactly you will be spending your vacation. HomeExchange’s verification service ensures the identity of members and their home so you can go into your vacation with confidence.

Home exchanges during the Holidays are generally better to book two to three months in advance. Instead of watching holiday specials on the television you can devote your time to getting to know the family whose home you will be staying in! You will have the opportunity to exchange emails, phone calls and video conversations allowing you to get a good idea of the people you will be sharing your home with. HomeExchange offers many tools and services to ensure the reliability of a member including: ratings, comments, recommendations, and a verification of identities and their houses. Since HomeExchange is a social network, each member has friends and can therefore interact with friends of friends. When you know that you have friends of friends in common it becomes so much easier to have confidence in your stay!

Even during your stay you will be reassured. First off, your house is being well taken care of, and a plus of keeping it occupied during your holidays is that it reduces the risk of burglary. The more people you have stay at yours can also take care of your pets and plants as if you were there. Finally, you can apply for a guarantee during the exchange, where HomeExchange will keep the deposit, acting as a trusted third party, granting you a peace of mind as you travel!

Happy exchanging!

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