Marie Francoise and her husband live in Strasbourg, France, and have just achieved their first exchange with HomeExchange. As soon as they registered, they received several invitation requests! Theses requests came from members all across the globe who wanted to discover Strasbourg and its famous Christmas markets. Marie Francoise finally chose Rodrigue, another french member, who had been the first to contact her.

I had a phone interview with Marie Francoise in order to talk about her first home exchange experience.

What was your first impression about non reciprocal home exchange?

I had never done a home exchange before HomeExchange. At the beginning, the GuestPoints system seemed a little bit blurry to me. I contacted Emmanuel from HomeExchange to clarify it and I quickly understood how GuestPoints could help me to finalize my non reciprocal exchange with Rodrigue. He gave me the GuestPoints, that I can now use to go on holidays at another HomeExchange member’s home.

How did the preparation of the exchange go?

As we were both beginners, we didn’t want to rush. We talked for three weeks in order to get to know each other a little. It was rather important to me to trust the person that was going to live in my house for a week. It seemed to me that Rodrigue was a bit more comfortable with exchanging than me, probably because I was a verified member. Later on, we started talking about some practical details (keys, sheets..) so that he would have everything he needs when he arrives in Strasbourg.

How did you prepare Rodrigue’s arrival?

Once the exchange was finalized, I was much more confident. That’s why I decided to welcome him the best I could. I prepared a “welcome bag” with useful advices, a travel guide, some typical cookies and a good bottle of wine from our region. I think that Rodrigue and his family enjoyed it because they all left me a charming thank you note. I also have to say that after there departure, I found my house perfectly clean.

How did the aftermath of the exchange go?

I received an email from Emmanuel asking if he could fully give back the deposit. Only a small teacup was broken during Rodrigue’s stay, something that can happen everyday. Therefore, I didn’t ask for anything. Then I realized that I had forgotten to give a grade and comment on Rodrigue’s stay. I didn’t know back then that it was important for his future invitation requests.

A last impression about HomeExchange?

I’m glad i discovered this website and home exchange in general. I am currently preparing my summer holidays, for which I plan to use the GuestPoints Rodrigue gave me. My husband and I plan to go to Croatia, so I added this country to “My searches” (which used to be “my destinations), to receive notifications of new homes in Croatia via email.

Marie France, thank you very much for you impressions on this exchange!

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