The GuestPoints system!

What are GuestPoints?

The GuestPoint system was created to facilitate non-reciprocal home exchanges. Reciprocal home exchanges can sometimes be difficult to organize because it might be hard to find another member that wants to go on vacation to your home during the same dates that you want to go to theirs.

This is the reason GuesttoGuest invented GuestPoints, a points system used to organize free non-reciprocal exchanges.

For example: You live in London and you would like to go to Paris, but your host in Paris does not want to visit London. Your host in Paris actually would prefer to go to Madrid. The solution: offer your host GuestPoints to stay at their home and they can then use those GuestPoints to stay at another member’s home in Madrid!

GuesttoGuest calculates the nightly GuestPoint value for each home automatically on our website. If you stay at another member’s home for five nights and their home is valued at 60 GuestPoints per night, the calculation is simply 60 GuestPoints x 5 night, which means your host will earn 300 GuestPoints that they can then use for their next vacation.

GuestPoints are transferred automatically once the exchange is finalized.

If you organize a non reciprocal exchange you usually need to use your GuestPoints. If you organize a reciprocal exchange you will have the option to organize the exchange with or without GuestPoints. If you do a reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints, our system will take into account the different GuestPoint value of each home.

schema_en2 ways to exchange your home with HomeExchange


Zoe comes to my home and I go to her home.

  • During the same dates or at different dates.
  • We have the option to either exchange with or without GuestPoints.

For example: Both parties might choose to organize a reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints if the homes have different GuestPoint values or if the length of each stay is different.
My home is 48 GP per night and Zoe’s home is 65 GP per night.
Zoe stays for 3 nights at my home: 48 GP x 3 nights = 144 GuestPoints.
I stay for 5 nights at Zoe’s home: 65 GP x 5 nights = 325 GuestPoints.
I will need to give Zoe: 325 GP - 144 GP = 181 GuestPoints.

Non reciprocal

Zoe wants to come to my home in Paris, but I don’t want to go to her home in Barcelona. I would rather go to London.

For example: In this case I would host Zoe in my home and she would to give me GuestPoints. My home is 48 GP. I would host Zoe in my home for 2 days, which means I earn 96 GP (48 x 2). I should try to be a great host for Zoe because she will rate my home after her stay. A great rating will make my home more attractive to other members, which means more people will want to stay at my home and I will earn more GuestPoints.
With the 96 GP that I receive from Zoe, I can then go to Peter’s home in London for 4 nights (Peter’s home is 24 GP per night).

How are GuestPoints Calculated?

The GuestPoints value of your home is automatically calculated by a unique algorithm which was created by HomeExchange, which takes into account a various of different things such as your home’s location, size, number of beds and equipment available in your home (ex. TV, computer, etc…).

  • Please note that you can change the GuestPoints value of your home manually (to a maximum of +30% of the recommended value) in “My home”, but we don’t recommend it because we feel it is important that all homes are valued equally.

How can I earn GuestPoints?

There are several ways to earn GuestPoints:

  1. The easiest and quickest way to earn GuestPoints is by simply completing your profile, describing your home and adding pictures.

+450 GP for signing up
+350 GP for completing your home profile to 100%
+350 GP for completing your personal profile to 100%.
+500 GP for becoming an Optimal member
+50 GP for contacting 10 members during your first search

+125 GP for each friend that your refer to GuesttoGuest and that completes both the personal profile and the home profile to 100% (valid for the first 10 friends). Copy the link that appears in your friends menu.

  1. The second and probably most obvious way to earn GuestPoints is by hosting other members at your home. These members will offer you GuestPoints in exchange for staying at your home. The GuestPoints will be automatically transferred to your account once the exchange is finalized. Remember to update your calendar with “Guest Wanted” periods in order to increase your chances of hosting other members and earning more GuestPoints.

  2. You can also earn 100 GuestPoints by becoming a verified member. This service verifies your identity and the address of your home. It is proof to other members that you are a “real person” with a “real home” and helps boost trust within the community. Verified members appear at the top of search results, which increases your home’s visibility and improves your chances of organizing an exchange. In order to become a verified member you will need to send us a proof of photo identification (copy of passport of driver’s license) and proof of residence (copy of an electric bill, gas bill, internet bill, etc…). Verification is an optional FREE service. Once you are verified a green “check” mark will appear on your profile to signify to other members that you have been verified.

  3. You can also purchase GuestPoints when you require some in order to finalize an exchange.

The first 20% of the total GuestPoints needed for the exchange can be purchased at 10 cents per GP. For the remaining GuestPoints needed the cost is 1 euro per GP.

For example: If you want to finalize an exchange worth 500 GP, but you only have 350 GuestPoints.
You can buy the first 100 GP (20% of 500) for 10 cents each and the remaining 50 GuestPoints for 1 euro each. The first 100 GP will cost you 10 euros (100 GP x .10 cents = 10 euro) and the remaining 50 GuestPoints will cost you 50 euro (50 GP x 1 euro = 50 euro) for a final total of 60 euros to finalize the exchange.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask us at!

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