What is Jaccede?

Jaccede.com was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organization with one cause at the heart of its actions: accessibility for everyone. All of the projects and operations carried out by Jaccede share a common approach of positive, voluntary action driven by solidarity.

Jaccede.com pioneers in the accessibility sector in France. This year they are spreading their wings and bringing their unique approach to a major issue in Europe. Six years of awareness-raising, events and information-gathering has led to:

  • an online collaborative guide and smartphone app with over 27,000 accessible places registered in France and around the world
  • a grassroots movement of volunteers and members of the public who propel the action for accessibility for all people with limited mobility.
  • 7,000 people taking part in more than 150 accessibility days over four year two volunteers from Jaccede, the Eurotrotters, will crisscross Europe in September 2013 testing all possible means of transport.

The Eurotrotter Project

Two volunteers from Jaccede, the Eurotrotters, will travel across Europe in September 2013 testing all possible means of transport. In each destination, they will invite everyone to follow them in information-gathering sessions using the Jaccede mobile application. This will lead to cultural exchanges, by experiencing different approaches to disability and accessibility.

The Eurotrotters project has the dual purpose of laying the foundation for an associative network in Europe and carrying the message of accessibility for all, by organizing awareness raising actions in as many European cities as possible.

Who are the Eurotrotters ?

Two wheelchair users, Marie and David, each accompanied by one person.

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  • Introducing members of organizations and the general public to Jaccede.com and Jaccede Mobile
  • Carrying out practical demonstrations of Jaccede Mobile, with local people and partners
  • Raising awareness on accessibility in Europe amongst the general public
  • Laying the groundwork to work together on a European-wide Accessibility Day come October 2013.


Short term
• Share experience and information on accessibility across the different European countries
• Increase the content and usefulness of the guide.
Medium term
• Advocate for universal accessibility across Europe
• Build an enduring link between organizations


Marie: Barcelona, Madrid, London, Dublin
David: Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen


Two weeks: 9-22 September 2013

HomeExchange would like to personally invite you to welcome our Eurotrotters during their passage in your city. If you wish to participate and if your home is ACCESSIBLE, send us an email at claire.baker@jaccede.com. Since this is a classic exchange you will earn GuestPoints!

See you soon!