Why try home exchange

The holidays are already over and you’re back to the daily grind, dreaming of your next vacation or even a weekend mini-break. You’re thinking about just how much you’ll have to save to make it happen…

What if we told you that in 2016, home exchange would let you save money and have incredible adventures? You don’t even need to own your home!

Give it a try!

This is the year everything is possible, overcome your fears and throw yourself into this adventure! A good resolution for 2016, is it not?

Homeowner? No taxes, a good deal

More and more collaborative websites are having to hand over their clients’ gains to tax authorities. However, at HomeExchange, no payment is exchanged between users; this tax doesn’t concern you homeowners. Thanks to whom? The concept of home exchange!

home exchange

Renter? Total freedom of exchange

But I’m just renting, I can’t exchange my home! Never again will you say so, because home exchange doesn’t require your proprietor’s permission or meeting certain conditions the way a rental does. No more excuses 😉

Beautiful new experiences

Without payment, the exchange is more direct. Conviviality, hospitality, and sharing are the keys to this increasingly popular practice. Anyone can profit from the opportunity to try new things and make connections, who knows?

And it’s free with HomeExchange, what are you waiting for?

Going on a family vacation with the kids, or even for the younger crowd, holiday planning can quickly become a puzzle: trying to economise, find lodgings, etc.…

Being free is an undeniable advantage, we can’t lie 🙂

Home exchange is a great solution to this puzzle and HomeExchange allows you to sign up for free so that you can talk to other members and coordinate your home exchange.

Travel with HomeExchange


American student of International Affairs & Economics living in Paris for six months to work for HomeExchange!