Do you want to earn some extra GuestPoints for your next trip?

We know you want to travel more and we also know it’s not always possible to host other members for more GuestPoints or organize a reciprocal exchange, so here are some ways to help you earn those GuestPoints!

1. Refer your friends!

Earn: 125 GP per Friend (for a maximum of 10 Friends)


Our new sponsorship program makes it easier than ever to earn quick GuestPoints. Log into your account, go to “My Profile”, click on the tab “Friends”, and click the red button: “Refer your friends”.

You will earn 25GP when your friend signs up and another 100GP when your friend sends their first message. That means 125 GP for each friend you refer to GuesttoGuest. You can only refer a max of 10 friends, but if they all sign up and send a message that equals 1250 easy GuestPoints.

Refer a friend

2. Get Verified!

Earn: 100 GP upon verification


If you haven’t already, become a Verified Member and earn a really easy 100GP. All you need to do is ensure that your listing is 100% complete, send us a copy of your photo ID (for example, your passport or driver license) and a copy of a proof of residence (ex. electric bill, gas bill, internet bill, etc…) that’s no more than 6 months old. This is not just an easy way to earn GuestPoints, but a great way to boost your standing within the community, unlock new homes that are only available to verified members, and increase your chances of finding an exchange. ✅

Get Verified!

3. Go Optimal!

Earn: 500 GP when you subscribe to the membership


Not only do you get 500 GuestPoints when you subscribe to Optimal, it also offers you Service Plus guarantees for every single one of your exchanges organised in a year, for just €130/year. You will have HomeExchange's assistance 24/7 in cases of emergency, you get to enjoy savings, you are enrolled in our loyalty program and you never have to take out your credit card again when organising exchanges in the year. Oh, and did we already mention that you earn 500 GuestPoints by subscribing?

3. Tell us your story!

Earn: 50 GP per exchange story


We want to learn about your previous exchanges and share them with the rest of the GuesttoGuest community. Need a little help formatting your story? No worries, just answer these questions, attach a few images of your trip, and hit "Submit”.

Be sure to include as many details as you can in your story. No one-word answers, we want those enthralling tales of family travels and new experiences. So how many GP does this get you, not as many as referring a friend, but 50GP ain’t that bad. Send in a story for every exchange, we will be happy to reach each and every one! 📚 😀

Send us your story

Earn: 50 GP per exchange story

4. Let’s Discover your City!

Earn: 50 GP per city story


Maybe you haven’t done an exchange yet and you have no stories to share or maybe you are an experienced home exchanger looking to host more Guests, in either case, you can share details of your home city.

We want to know all there is to do, to see, and to eat in your hometown. If you'd like, we can even include a link to your home to help promote your city and direct more members to your home.

When sending us your city story, be sure to include the links to all the local hotspots and attractions. A good local city guide is always greatly-appreciated by our traveling members. 🏙️

Let’s Discover your City!

Earn: 50 GP per city story

5. Meet with some of the HomeExchange team!

Earn: 50 GP for a visit


And the most difficult (and rewarding!) task for last, come have breakfast with the GuesttoGuest team.![]

If you are ever on an exchange in Paris, come by our office, which we affectionately call La Casa, and have a croissant with us. We would love to meet you and your family and show you are the office. We might even challenge you to a game of ping pong! 🏓

Just send us a message whenever you can confirm and let us know when you can swing by.

Contact us

Bonus: Be sure to keep any eye on your inbox to learn about different promos and contests for more chances to earn even more GuestPoints.