The community of HomeExchange is growing at an extremely fast pace

When only 20.000 members in 145 countries were on the webpage not much more than a month ago, now there are 28 000 members in 158 countries!
To accompany this growth and in order to get closer to our members we are giving birth to versions in different languages. After English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, HomeExchange is now available in Dutch!


Why did we choose the language of this tiny country where everyone speaks English very well?

In the first place we want everyone to feel at home on HomeExchange. Use a webpage in your own language is also more practical and reassuring, and it gives a feeling of being at home.
Moreover, communication with other members becomes easier: standard messages sent in one language are automatically translated into the receiver’s language, so there are no problems of translation! This service should facilitate each member’s experience and give everyone even more possibilities to exchange homes!

So, why don’t you get the chance to visit the Netherlands thanks to a home exchange? The country might seem small, but there is a lot to discover!


Located under the sea level, the Netherlands are globally known for their production of tulips. With 19 million bycicles for 17 million inhabitants, the Netherlands are the country with the highest density of bycicles in the world, and each Dutch member of HomeExchange will certainly lend you his bike as part of a home exchange!
The Netherlands are also the typical landscape with polders, windmills and canals.

The favorite word of the Dutch people is "gezellig", which indicates a pleasant atmosphere. The Dutch people keep it secret and say that it is untranslatable because only the Dutch people understand its real meaning. So why don’t you live like a local and exchange your home with a Dutch family? You might even get to understand the meaning of "gezellig"!

Travel with HomeExchange

Have a nice trip 🙂