Join us on an adventure to discover the best plans and activities to enjoy in Spain with your family in Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia and of course the Balearic Islands.

Travel with us to the Iberian Peninsula and let us inspire you to embark on your next family trip to Spain.


With all of its art and joyous energy, this beautiful southern region of Spain is the perfect place to take your family on vacation.


Sierras de Cazorla Natural Park, a paradise for lovers of nature. The numerous walking trails will take you on paths to discover impressive cascades. We especially recommend the ruta del rio borosa, the oil museum, and of course the castillo de Yedra.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park, come enjoy the first rays of sunshine between the beach and the ocean. Walk along the quiet beaches while nature continues to sleep before the arrival of summer.

arrecife_de_las_sirenas_cabo_de_gataThe famous Sirenas reef in the Cabo de Gata

The Bioparc de Fuengirola, enjoy the exhibits of lemurs, tigers, tapirs, and deer with your family. Did you know that an endangered Sri Lankan leopard was born in this park?

And why not visit Juzcar, in Málaga, which looks like something out of a Smurfs film. Your younger children will love it!!16963117958_1737a13eba_b

Visit the picturesque village of Juzcar

We all need a little south to lose the north….

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Why not visit the country’s capital with your entire family? Have you ever been to the mythical Madrid Wax Museum, a place where members of all generations can spend an afternoon of fun with the replicas of their favorite artists or sportsmen? Even the famous Madame Tussaud does not compare to this museum in the capital.

This holiday is the perfect opportunity to take your time and go at your own pace at the theme parks of Madrid, the Warner Park, Faunia or the Madrid Zoo.

Guaranteed fun for the entire family!

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Welcome to Catalonia! We invite you to embark on a family getaway in this Spanish region.


You cannot miss the beautiful Monasterio de Montserrat. Getting there by car or public transport is very easy.

There are trains from Barcelona and Manresa at every hour that follow the roads and cable cars. From there there are several walking paths at various levels of difficulty, providing a good opportunity to go for a stroll and enjoy the surrounding nature.


A fun activity to enjoy as a family is the Parque del Tibidabo, the attractions will satisfy all ages and the views are unbeatable.

The Catalunya en Miniatura park is located in Torrellas de Llobregat and is the largest miniature park in the world. You heard right! The park offers 4 zip line circuits at different levels of difficulty.

Find more information on “Catalunya en Miniatura” here

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What if we invited you to eat delicious baked rice or an authentic Fideuà dish by the beach in Valencia?

Don’t miss your chance to visit the City of Arts and Sciences where you will find the Oceanográfico oceanarium, the Museum of Science, and the Umbracle sculpture garden.

stock-photo-54165840In addition, take this opportunity to go for a stroll in the Gulliver Park in the Jardin de Turia. Have a blast in the rapids, stairs, and slides.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Biopark, a park specialized in African fauna that is divided into four zones: the dry savanna, wet savanna, forests of equatorial Africa, and Madagascar. Simply beautiful!

bioparc-valencia-zoo-in-valencia-spain-3The Biopark’s mission is to preserve the habitats of several different species

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Balearic Islands

Let us take you to the land of the ensaimadas! You are invited to discover the Islands’ marvelous coves with your whole family. There are over 185km of trails in Menorca alone that are divided into several sections at various levels of difficulty.

To end your walk you can stop by Soller to enjoy a delicious lemon or orange ice cream.


Do not miss your chance to go for a ride in one of the island’s oldest trains

Let yourself be drawn into the Balearic Islands’ beautiful crystalline waters as you enjoy a well-earned getaway with your family.

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There you have it! There are no reasons not to discover Spain with your family for your next vacation. Get excited! Let your first home exchange be with HomeExchange.

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