Here we are, HomeExchange has more than 53,000 members in 173 countries!

For this occasion, we’d like to share with you the most popular destinations for our members. Where do they go? On the seaside ? In the mountains? North or South? Which country is the most popular? Check out our top five!

#1. France

France is the favorite destination of the HomeExchange community. That’s not a surprise as France is the most visited country in the world with over 84 million tourists per yer.
Ranking first in France is obviously Paris, the “City of Light” is by far the most prized destinations on HomeExchange as we have over 3700 homes in Paris. Most of the rest of our home swaps in France is share between Bretagne, South of France (the french riviera and Corsica…), the Alps and the Basque country where people often exchange with homes accross the border, in Spain.

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@Paris, France

#2. Spain

A home swap in Spain can be an unforgettable experience! Spain has all the qualities for a wonderful vacation: the sunny weather, an excellent cuisine, nice beaches and a magnificent architecture. The most popular cities are Barcelona for the youth, Granada and Sevilla for their history! Of course, the capital, Madrid is among the most visited cities, mainly for spaniards travelling in their Spain. Because of cheap plane tickets, Spain is an ideal destinations for Europeans looking for a week of sunny vacations with their family.

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L'Espagne est une des destinations les plus en vogue pour un échange de maison

@ Spain

#3. Italy

You want to live the *dolce vita *and visit this wonderful country that is Italy? Guess what… you are not the only one! Italy is the third most popular destinations for HomeExchange home exchangers. Whether you chose to go to Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Firenze, you’ll discover a charming architecture, superb churches and delicious food. If you are looking to get away from the noise of the cities, our members who live near the transparent waters of sicily or the Alps in the North are waiting for you with open arms!

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@ Rome, Italy

#4. The United States

Florida, New York and Chicago are our member’s favorite U.S. states.
Each state is unique and offers very different possibilities and activities. New York, the city that never sleeps has an incredible energy, many shops and museums.
In Florida, our members like to enjoy the nice weather, the beaches and the amusement parks.
Chicago is very big destinations because of its special architecture and its location on Lake Michigan, which makes it ideal for family home swap in the US.

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@ New-York, United States

#5. Overseas department of France

Guadeloupe and La Réunion are very popular destinations for our HomeExchange members. They are liked for their amazing landscapes, made of mountains, volcanoes, rivers and rainforests. As they also have a pleasant and warm climate, home swappers look for the nice beaches of the french islands in the Carribbean and Africa. May and November are the nicest months because they are relatively cold (18 to 25 celcius degrees) and dry.
Home swapping is the perfect opportunity to discover these paradise places whithout spending an awful lot of money in a hotel.

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@ Bélouve Forest, La Réunion

Travel with HomeExchange

Thank you for being part of the HomeExchange community and for making home swapping easier every day 🙂